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2 Months without cigs

Two months have passed since a ciggy touched my lips. I must have been ready to quit smoking this time. Cutting down to 1 or 2 a day the month before certainly helped to break the ‘I must light up at every trigger’ pattern. I feel liberated, cigs were like a demanding lover who sulked when not given attention.

A few things have been a big help. One was reading that the longest that a craving lasts is 3 mins, that makes the cravings manageable. I read on Chad Life Us that the cravings after quitting are no worse than the cravings between smokes, I hadn’t thought about that.  It makes sense, as a smoker, when too much time passes between cigs, the cravings are dreadful, often I was known to say “right now I could eat a cigarette.”  Now cravings are no longer physical but part of mental, emotional and habitual pattern.

Some interesting changes have happened.  In the past there have always been sweet num nums in the house.  Now days pass without a cookie or cake to be found (Cliff is a bit disappointed with this turn of events).  My sweet tooth is much diminished.

I’m not saving any money not smoking.  My craving for nicotine has been replaced by an unstoppable desire for nuts, and nuts are expensive.  If I could treat myself to nuts every day, I would.  I must make my sunflower seed savoury snack again, that will be a cheaper option.


  1. That is awesome!!! I wish I could say that already. You’re doing great and I’ll be joining you soon.

  2. Well done Sula, you definitely were ready – no complaining like my smoke free journey. Lately I have been missing smoking so much, but refuse to cave (I hope).
    PS I love your new blurb (about Author) the other one was quirky and was meaning to comment on it, but this one is more you I think –

    • Thank you Dianne 🙂 You have been an inspiration. Ha Ha I wondered if anyone read the blub 🙂 The first was written by a friend when I said that I can’t write my own bio, he missed his vocation as a comedian. Cliff did the current one

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