Almost done with May 2021, online diary to 24th

Hmm it didn’t feel like much has happened in May and the days sort of slide into eachother.

The most touching thing about Mothers day was this canvas print of my favourite poem, The Red Wheelbarrow from Heath.
Teatime was served with bits of mostly broken tea sets. Cliff bought this lovely Arzberg set on bid or buy. Just hope we don’t break any pieces for a while
I lost my sense of smell just before Christmas 2020. It is slowly coming back, I seem to smell artificial scents more than natural. It’s rather weird, smells are very diluted and when I do smell it feels like there are gaps in the fragrance. Sometimes I smell something for a few moments and then it goes like shooting stars or listening to a radio with a loose wire. It has potential to be dangerous, I forgot that I was re-heating pizza and didn’t smell the burning.
I don’t remember ever seeing so many flowers on our Chinese magnolia, it tends to flower in early winter just before nasty frost hits. We always feel so sad when flowers start opening but then the remaining buds are killed by frost
Chinese magnolia flower
Acacia has now made 3 batches of soap using varied methods, the last one was cold process and it was by far the best so far being really smooth. Cold process takes 6 weeks for the chemical process to end and for the soap to harden but it will be worth it. She’s keen to make more and sell some
The lounge is still a work in progress but the children had their first sleep over with friends on National sleep over day.
What is it with Children and boxes? In case you are wondering the special effect is created by uncoupling the pipe of the mist fan, something which I try to discourage
We are trying to get out and about a bit more. Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is conveniently very close to home

I went to a talk at Foxwood Theatre in Houghton which centered around the subject of Covid and lockdowns. I posted videos of all the speakers on my Rumble account. The first was Susan Vosloo who is a cardiologist and heart surgeon from Cape Town. All similar content is being constantly scrubbed from mainstream media and the big social media platforms which is deeply troubling in itself. I did not agree with everything that I heard BUT we need to be allowed to make informed decisions and form our own opinions. Censorship is dangerous. It’s interesting to note that the main speaker Dr Tros Bekker has not had any patients admitted to hospital since the virus hit our shores. The bravery of medical professionals who are prepared to question and where necessary fight the dominant narrative is a beacon of light.

I’m really loving the Rumble platform, the musical piece which I would like to share this week is this mind blowing glass harp performance of Hallelujah

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