Art and messages in Pretoria Botanical Garden

The art in Pretoria Botanical Garden prompts thought. 

The giant sculptured metal insects whisper questions,  feelers gently probing perceptions.  Greatness is not housed in size, value is not found in possessions.  The scales of natural balance so precarious.  What is my weight in life’s equations?  All around lives are spinning in their own orbits, I oblivious to the motives and means of their existence, they unaware of the nuances of me.  We move in parallel worlds paying no cognisance to the value of one another, yet we are notes in the same symphony.  Pausing to observe an ant or bee, shifts perspective.  Insects lacking intellect and tools create perfection in a nest or honeycomb, putting my endeavours to shame.  The maligned mosquito is winged, unlike earthbound me.  The art of the sculptures says “observe”, learn from the insects it is they who inherit the earth.  Take humans out of earth’s equation, not only would life go on but it would return to the paradise it was formed to be.  It would heal the scars wrought by our hands.  Green shoots would clothe all which we have rendered barren.   Remove insects from the earth and the world as we know it would end.  The sculptures say “See us, acknowledge us, we are intrinsic to the fabric of your existence. 

Walking further into the garden, shy dassies dart from our approaching footsteps.  Instincts sensing creatures of potential danger. 
Pretoria botanical garden thorn pattern

The thorny pattern of a succulent, a simple reminder of the infinite creativity of our creator.
Pretoria botanical garden Acacia

Trees stretch limbs to the light, needing only water and warmth.  My needs seem gluttonous as I rest in their shade. 




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