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Ashleigh gives her 6th birthday party money to SPCA


On Saturday we went to Ashleigh’s 6th birthday party.  Before her party my friend Evelyn asked Ashleigh what gifts she would like for her birthday, Ashleigh replied that she has enough toys and would like to give her gifts to poor children.  Evelyn explained to her that some people may be offended if she gave their gifts to her away.  Instead Evelyn suggested that she tell friends that they can give her R50 in lieu of a gift, Ashleigh could then give the money to a charity of her choice.  Last month Evelyn adopted a dog from animal rescue.  Little Ashleigh decided that she would give her birthday money to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of cruelty to animals).

Ashleigh’s birthday party was great fun for all and about 35 children shared her special day.  She received R1720 in cash which she duly donated to SPCA.  The only downer was that Evelyn was a little disappointed in the Benoni SPCA lady who hardly grunted at Ashleigh and didn’t even say anything along the lines of “oh well done my girl!”  None the less the money wasn’t for her but for the animals and nothing can take away from the fact that Ashleigh did something beautiful and special.  

Ashleigh is a generous and pure spirited child, being nurtured and encouraged by a mother with a big heart and good values.  Most 6 year olds would want all the toys they can get or would want to dash off to spend their money on themselves.  Children grow up surrounded by materialism and selfishness.  I’m sure that the act of giving rewarded Ashleigh with greater joy than that attained by mounds of stuff, her actions warmed by heart.  Blessed are the children.


  1. So nice to know there are still caring kids out there. Not motivated by selfishness. Well done Ashleigh!

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