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At last a hairdresser who I’m happy with again

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Haircut before and after

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My first haircut with Janine. I gave her free reign to do what she felt would suit me best Longer fringe

Long ago I was really happy when I found a great hairdresser (Charne at Health Hydro in Boksburg) but when I was due for my next hair cut she was no longer there.  The easiest way for me to wear my hair is long but the condition had deteriorated to the point where thatch would describe it more accurately than tresses.  I needed a hair cut but had no idea where to go, then I saw a pic on Facebook of my friend Wendy sporting a lovely hair cut and like me she has thick curly hair.   I asked for her hairdresser’s number and haven’t looked back since finding Janine.

before 2nd haircut with Janine

After 2nd haircut

I was a little apprehensive going home, Cliff has always said that he does not want me to have short hair and when I get fed up with my mop all I want is a Pixie cut.  I longingly search for online images of “short curly hair” but never really find anything.  After my first haircut with Janine I was surprised when instead of scorn Cliff complimented me repeatedly, he loved the new look.

On my 2nd visit to Janine I asked her to cut the fringe a little shorter, although it looked great a bit longer I’m a very practical no fuss kind of person and got annoyed pushing hair out of my eyes.  The shorter fringe this time is easier for me.  I also told her that the bulk of my hair gets me down and she used special scissors to thin the mop.

I chose Janine because I loved what she had done with my friend Wendy’s hair.   It’s amazing how reasonable her prices are, she charges just R100 for a cut.  Normally the cost of going to a hairdresser is one reason why I only went once or twice a year (and even then I never went to the posh expensive places).  Now I can go regularly and my hair will not deteriorate to straw.  Janine works from a home in Farrarmere, Benoni.  The phone number for Cuts and Colour is 073 027 0956



  1. Love the haircut. Sounds like me…. I have unruly hair as well….
    And tired of the pixie cut. Am growing Pixie out

  2. Beautiful and at a great price!

  3. Jenine is absolutely amazing. She does my hair and I will never go to anyone else. She is brilliant, fun, well priced, yet very professional. Glad we have her in our lives!

  4. Nothing like a haircut to make you pretty

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