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BIC Kids Super Soft pencils, the best for colouring in

Bic Super Soft box

Scattered around our house there are umpteen broken wax crayons and unused pencil crayons.  My children love colouring in but until now lacked the ideal tools to do so.  Until this weekend I discovered BIC kids Super Soft Crayons, they were R24.99 at our local Checkers Hyper.

BIC Kids Super Soft

BIC Kids Super Soft

Normal thin wax crayons break when children look at them, the jumbo ones don’t have a nice point, and kids can’t resist winding turn-ups so far out that they also break.  Normal pencil crayons on the other hand are too finely pointed which makes colouring in take too long for little ones and in many cases the crayons are so hard that they hardly transfer colour to the page.  These super soft crayons combine the best aspects of waxies and pencil crayons.  Their triangular grip is also perfect for little hands learning to hold a pencil correctly.

My only complaint is that there are only 8 in the box, I would love be able to buy a set with other colours such as purple (Acacia’s favourite colour).

Close up of Fjord's colouring

Close up of Fjord’s colouring

Fjord colouring a picture which he drew

Fjord colouring a picture which he drew


  1. Will look out for these, they look great! We have been making colourful candles with all the broken crayon bits that are everywhere.

  2. Will be on the lookout for these. Although probably have to wait until my kiddos stop eating them.

  3. We love them too – they are nice and soft

  4. How cool is that. Will definitely go out and get some.

    Quick tip for old crayons: I usually take all the small bits and pieces, melt it in the microwave then pour it into silicone baking molds (mini cupcake ones) bought specifically for this purpose. The girls have great fun mixing some colours to create a marble effect.

    The things I do to keep my kids busy…

  5. Thanks for the tip! I’m always looking for good pencil crayons for my girls so will defs give these a try! 🙂

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