Blue Haze, an idyllic meal stop between Durban and Joburg

Imagine how it would feel to line up a row of identical cherries on a slot machine, I got that feeling when we discovered Blue Haze Country Lodge.  Yesterday on our trip home from Durban to Joburg we made a most awesome discovery.  On the trip we always travel through part of the Natal Midlands, we buy honey for R28 at the scrappy little shop at the Zenex garage near Midmar and I stock up on flavoured coffee at The Wine Cellar near Rosetta.  Normally we would stop for lunch in the midlands too.  This time Acacia was sleeping and it is folly to wake a sleeping child, so we pressed on.

We took the Estcourt (R103) / Giants Castle turn off from the N3 and 2 minutes later we were at Blue Haze.  Immediately we knew that this was the  perfect choice and a wonderful find.  The restaurant tables on the lawn look over Wagendrift Dam, nestled at the foot of rolling hills.  Blue Haze checks all the boxes on my list for a perfect lunch spot.

  • Outdoor seating in a lovely setting – tick
  • Play Area for the children – tick
  • Great value – tick
  • Excellent food – tick
  • Good service – tick

The food portions were very generous.  The children only ate half of their meals, we took the leftovers with us which served as supper the road later.  All they needed to eat when we got home rather late was a yogurt to fill the gaps.

The accommodation at Blue Haze Country Lodge looks lovely too, it would make for a very peaceful weekend break.  Our lunch stop extended the holiday feeling.  Fuel station food stops on highways are nothing more than fodder points, a necessary evil, in stark contrast Blue Haze was an idyllic experience.  I don’t know how we have driven past so often and never stopped before.

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