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How I chose my children’s names

This month, I read the incredibly moving book “Endings & Beginnings” by Redi Tlhabi.  One aspect of the book which struck me was how a child given a name meaning sorrow was so negatively impacted by his name.   I have 4 children, their names and the meanings were carefully chosen. As a child, I had a best friend Dominique, she ... Read More »

Mother and child classes. Priceless time together

Every morning Acacia asks / commands “Go Top Tots“.  Fortunately once a week this is met with the response which she is looking for.  Sadly there are less Mom and child classes in Boksburg than when Fjord was little. When Fjord was 2 Months old I took him to Moms & Babes, we did lovely bonding excercises like baby massage ... Read More »

Mother’s Day – Children are the greatest gift

When I heard the pitter patter of Acacia’s feet heading for our bedroom, my first thought was “I really hope Cliff get’s up for her and leaves me to have a bit of extra Mother’s Day snooze”.  At first while he lay there eyes shut I felt a bit sulky.  When I looked at her smiling face, so delighted to ... Read More »

Lunch box, mini boxes – Ideas for school lunch fun

Coming up with lunch box ideas for a 5 year old is a challenge, particularly when the 5 year old in question has a host of allergies.  We don’t have many options with sandwiches and I was stuck in a groove of honey, ham or jam. I was reminded of the lovely idea which my sister in law uses, she ... Read More »

Our solution to Fjord’s insomnia

Our son Fjord is 5 years old, over a period of about 4 months he developed terrible insomnia.  His bed time is between 7.30pm and 8pm but he would lie in bed for up to 2 hours every night unable to fall asleep.  He has a fixed bed time routine, we eat around 5.30pm, he baths at about 6.30pm then ... Read More »

Smartie cookies

I recently copied a recipe for Smartie cookies and made them for the children. I can’t remember which recipe book it was from. When I made the cookies my children loved them. After making them I realized that you can take any choc chip cookie recipe and use Smarties instead of choc chips. The recipe calls for 200g sugar-coated chocolate ... Read More »

Magical Gingerbread Men

My Mother did many little things which made my childhood magical, creating so many special memories. I have been remiss in following through and making this a tradition. She would bake Gingerbread Men, no fancy cutter back then which led to the legs, arms and head detaching on a whim, I don’t remember this bothering me. The Eyes and buttons ... Read More »

Magical Butterfly World

Butterfly world in the Paarl area of the Western Cape is a lovely outing for parents with Children.  This week we made our 2nd visit to Butterfly world and loved it again.  We met up with Joanne (Fjord’s Godmother) and spent a few hours enjoying the place.  The children were enchanted with the butterflies, Fjord was desperately hoping that one ... Read More »