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The Great Moscow Circus, the antidote to the Great ANC circus

View this post on Instagram What an amazing break from the circus of #cabinetreshuffle . #thegreatmoscowcircus passed every expectation A post shared by Sula (@sulaskimmingstones) on Apr 5, 2017 at 9:55am PDT Ah why not, I’ll do 2 happy posts today.¬† There you go Jo more #Winningatparenting ūüôā¬† Tomorrow we pray and march and the most you’ll get from me ... Read More »

A little light in the darkness – pottery toadstool nightlight

After my epic parenting fail post about Fjord’s tick bite fever. ¬†His Godmother Jo called to ask instruct me that my next post be a #winningatparenting one. ¬†I broke my word because between our conversation and now our lives in SA were turned upside down and instead I changed the lyrics to the 80’s anti apartheid protest song “Give me ... Read More »

Parenting fail, fobbing off tick bite fever symptoms

Fjord is 9 years old and prone to wild imagination which can translate to hypochondria. ¬†This time there really was a wolf, when he cried wolf and it bit (well a tick bit but that doesn’t work with the word play). ¬† Several days before showing symptoms of tick bite fever Fjord said that his belly button was infected. ¬†I ... Read More »

I was labeled the ‘Bad Girl’ in Primary school – labeling scars

At New Germany Primary School, I was infamous. ¬†I held the school record for most visits to the headmaster’s office, 3 times in one day and 7 times in a week. ¬†It was absolutely futile to try to modify my behaviour. ¬†The teachers and my peers had decided that I was ‘bad’, they would never have seen beyond their preconceptions, ... Read More »

Trains beautiful trains at the Rand Society of Model Engineers

If it weren’t for blogging I would not have discovered one of the coolest kids outings in Jo’burg. ¬†Thank you Dianne for commenting on my post about the Stellenbosch Toy Museum and enriching my children’s childhood. ¬†If you are a parent living in Jo’burg a visit to RSME (Rand Society of Model Engineers) is beyond a must, particularly if you ... Read More »

Letter to headmaster about back breaking heavy school bags

One thing which has really troubled me since Fjord started Gr 4 last year, is the spine wrecking weight of his school bag.¬† Since they started moving from class to class children end up carrying every single school book around all day and the time table seldom allows even 1 book to stay home.¬† The school does allow a box ... Read More »

Reviving the inner child at Stellenbosch Toy Museum

My children have done their fair share toward¬†turning me grey. ¬†Nagging them to eat. ¬†Breaking up fights over nothing. ¬†Despairing that they can turn a room to a nuclear fall out zone in 0.3 seconds. ¬†Those parenting moments can age one considerably. ¬†On the flip side among innumerable joys, they present opportunities to play. ¬†They tear dust covers from forgotten ... Read More »

My week in pictures 20 – 27 November 2016

Our chicks are about 2 months old now. ¬†They are so tame and sweet the Black Australorp Angel looks like a hen and Lucky looks like it may become a rooster. ¬†Does anyone know a bit about chickens and chicks who can confirm this? ¬†We’re pretty much just going by the size of the comb. ¬†Actually we were told that ... Read More »

Dome Pools hike – Magaliesberg

Hiking is one of the first things that Cliff and I had in common and it is so good to get out, stretch legs and commune with nature. ¬†With children however we have had a few hiking blunders. ¬†This time we took a child not fully recovered from a viral infection on a hike which took us 6 hours. ¬†(The ... Read More »

My week in pictures 5/11 – 12/11 2016

Ahh after the lightning strike my week in pics took a down turn but here’s the latest. Not only will the chickens have a lovely new home soon but it was very special to watch Cliff and Fjord working together on this. ¬†So much gained. ¬†Watch this space for the finished product. The source of marital unimpressedness. ¬†I was so ... Read More »