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Remember our mortality

On Friday I went to a funeral.  Barbara died suddenly and unexpectedly.  There was sadness, some anger and so many untidy loose ends.   The scythed shadow has fallen over all my thoughts since, but it is so hard to articulate the fractured thoughts, feelings and impressions.   This poem tries to bind some thoughts.  Mortality must not be forgotten, today and ... Read More »

Falling out of Love – Poem

I once asked friends for a topic to write a poem on and was given “Falling out of love with the person you thought you would be with forever.”  This was a tough one and I mulled over it and eventually came up with this.  Enjoyed the challenge, thanks Kerry FALLEN FEATHER Springtime love, Vibrant unfurling Silk falling Revealing Just ... Read More »

The Conversational Bully

The conversational bully Cares not a jot For your humble opinion (which frankly is rot) He listens only, for half a pause A point of entry To further his cause He raises his voice A wall you can’t climb breaking your thought chain (It’s not worth a dime) The question of course is does he win? hard to tell when ... Read More »

The value of reading good writing

Over periods in my life, I often feel creatively dead.  Day to-day mundanities stifle the part of me that I love most. Reading average books creates average thoughts and starve my spirit of stimuli.  Last week I finished reading Philip Larkins novel ‘A Girl in Winter’, the quality of the work immediately reawakened the part of me which fully appreciates ... Read More »

Love’s Duel

Can they re-discover love After standing back to back so long? After taking countless measured steps Loaded weapons drawn Shall pistols drop from weary hands Returning to  embrace? Or shall they simply turn and fire? On the umpteenth pace Read More »

Urchin Muse

This poem was initially inspired by the post  ‘A terrifying angel‘ by my favourite blogger who goes by the pen name of Tony.  His writing is sublime.  The funny thing is that the end product has veered very far from my initial thoughts but I guess that’s the fun of the journey.    In my mental landscape Urchin muse plays ... Read More »

My moment as a songwriter – Be My Valentine

Many years ago, Leonard Downing asked me to write lyrics for a Valentine Song for him to play at a Valentines gig.  I wrote the lyrics and he wrote the music.  He also did a studio recording with a female vocalist, the song was played on East Coast Radio on Valentines day.  It was a rather rushed job done in ... Read More »


Another old poem being typed up POTENTIAL Be still Hold the paintbrush withhold the last stroke Don’t chain beauty With finality’s yolk Don’t freeze in a frame What is lovely unseen Don’t rob this picture Of what may be Each sense can’t be captured Each truth can’t be told Light, water and dreams Are things you can’t hold If spirit ... Read More »

Lloyd Cole – threads of his music in the symphony of my life

This poem was written after going to a Lloyd Cole concert in Jo’burg. I first heard the music of Lloyd Cole in the 80’s when living in a commune called ‘Fools Court’.  Memories of that time are happy ones edged with sadness since we drifted apart.  I wish that I could find those old friends.  Sadly one member of our ... Read More »