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Charne at Health Hydro in Boksburg, gave my hair a new lease on life





I have an ongoing battle with my hair, at best it’s a bit wild, on a bad day I look like Hagrid sans beard.  I also have a theory that with tame, sleek, straight hair I would have been a different person, possibly someone structured and more conformist.  With hair which defies every order to conform how can one expect the whole self to follow a different structure.

You see the likeness, don't you?

You see the likeness, don’t you?

The last few months have been the worst ever, my mop lost every sign of life, was broken and dead.  I tried a few home made treatments but all hope was lost.  For the last month I’ve known that I needed a haircut but there simply hasn’t been time.  There was a Durban trip, a family holiday in the Drakensberg, and the all nighter that I pulled acting as a party agent over elections took a while to recover from.

For Mother’s day Domi took me to Health Hydro Spa in Boksburg for lovely mother daughter time and a full body massage.  I noticed that there was a hair salon at the Spa and chose to try it out this time.  While waiting for Charne, I noticed that she has notched up some impressive credentials including, Student of the year award (3 years in a row), 1st place ladies fashion cut and colour.  She even won the intercoiffure photographic competition in 2014 (she went to Paris representing SA for this).  There were several other accolades to her credit in the studio.

The hair cut got off to a lovely start as Jane washed my hair, including a gentle head Massage.


It’s hard to feel confident about a hairdresser when they look like they don’t take much pride in their own appearance (I’ve been to a few of those), even if I’m not generally well turned out, I like to feel that I’m in good hands.  Charne is the opposite of the slobby sort, she glows and looks like a model.  Chatting while she cut my hair, she exudes a real energy and passion for what she does, she shared how much she loves her job and looks forward to doing it every day.  She only took over the salon a month ago and I’m sure that she’s going to build up quite a reputation.

Thank you Charne for resurrecting my hair, there have been many compliments since Friday.  You can contact Charne on 084 8598339.  Her prices are also affordable.

PS  The photo’s of my haircut were how my hair dried naturally, I only ever have a cut, not cut and blow wave as I never blow wave my hair and want to see how it will look as wash and go.




  1. There is nothing better than a good haircut. Now I know why I don’t conform to society rules 😂 My head of wild hair.
    Your hair looks lovely btw and don’t see the likeness to Hagrid, but yes know the feeling of unruly hair 😄

  2. I love your hair – its just part of who you are. A good haircut does wonders

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