D’Aria Pizza and Wine pretty darn fine

A nasty altercation with gastritis reduced wine tasting opportunities on our last Cape trip, to mere lip wetting.  Visits to wine estates were therefore more focused on the full experience.

We have never explored the Durbanville area much in the past and this time chose to remedy the omission.  Unfortunately we chose old years eve to sample the offerings of the area.  Not a stroke of genius as most wine estates closed early.  As a result, instead of this being a summary of Durbanville wine estates,  it is a post about D’Aria Winery.

My favourite was the Rock Song Sparkling Dark Shiraz

From the deck over a green pond we watched ducks with fascination, it looked like they were swimming in grass,   leaving pretty patterns in their wake.  I had the teeniest sips from Cliff’s tasting while catching up with Joanne, who lives in the area and joined us.

Best pizza Ive had in a long time. Beetroot, wild mushroom, butternut and feta

After unsuccessfully trying to find another wine estate restaurant to sample, we returned to D’Aria for lunch.  There are two sides to Poplars restaurant at D’Aria, the posh one and what they call the backyard which has a more casual menu.  We chose the backyard, set in a pretty courtyard.

As much as we enjoyed D’Aria we will have to return to visit a few other wine estates in Durbanville, that said, I would be very happy to visit D’Aria again.

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