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Discovering Sherlock Holmes (and Benedict Cumberbatch)


Can you believe it?  Until this year I had never read a Sherlock Holmes book, absolute travesty!  My addiction started watching the BBC series Sherlock and I’m hooked.  I now want to get my hands on pretty much anything Sherlock Holmes related.  The only problem is that Season 4 will only air sometime in 2016.  Now I’ve started what I should have done many years ago, reading the original works.  I downloaded the first book ‘A Study in Scarlet’, until half way through the plot was very similar to the first BBC episode ‘A Study in Pink’.  Halfway through the book changed so dramatically it was like starting a whole new story.  I loved it!  In fact I preferred the book to the TV episode.  The only drawback is that I prefer watching Benedict Cumberbatch to looking at text on a e-reader screen, in fact I find Benedict Cumberbatch more aesthetically pleasing than most things.  I wonder if my husband will mind if I put up a big poster of him in our room to look at while I’m reading?  Oh dear I sound like a lecherous old lady, well if the Sherlock cap fits, I guess I’ll have to wear it 🙂

Thank you BBC for introducing me to the works of Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle, I am deeply grateful.  The next step is to find every Sherlock movie ever made, and the American series ‘Elementary’, which my daughter Domi tells me is very good (but sadly Benedict Cumberbatch deficient).


  1. Oh dear, then I should rather not even venture down the Sherlock path. I have season 1 just sitting there, waiting for me, tempting me. I keep forgetting to watch it though – even though it comes highly recommended.
    I did however really enjoy Elementary – have not started season 2 yet though.
    Happy Sherlockteering to you 😀

    • Thanks for visiting my page 🙂 Oh give in to temptation, it’s so worth it! Let me know what you think when you do.

  2. Ha ha I felt that way about Robert Patterson when the twilight movies came out, granted they were utter crap, but I had read the books and wanted to see the movies. I also enjoy Sherlock Holmes. Hope the wait till next season doesn’t seem too long.

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