Disney on Ice at The Dome – The worst seats are still worth it

View from Seats ss 5- 8 Block A. Still magical
View from Seats ss 5- 8 Block A. Still magical

Now and then children should experience the wonder and joy of live theatre.  Previous Disney on Ice productions have passed us by but this time we were part of the magic.

Booking our tickets for Thursday’s matinée on Computicket I chose the cheap (R100) seats.  At R400 prime seats are way out of my financial league, yikes that would be close to a weeks grocery budget.  I selected back row seats facing stage entrance (block B), row RR.  Proceeding to book I saw that row SS were allocated as an alternative, what I did not notice was that these seats (SS 5-8) were now in Block A to the side of the stage, instead of Block B.  In reality these must be the worst seats, being on the furthest side at the highest point (only 2 rows behind us being much of a muchness).  If you are booking tickets, note that Block A or C seats 1 -8 offer the least appealing view and you cannot see the screen from them.  You are there for the joy of a live performance but the screen does add to the overall impression.  I was a little bit naughty, a vast expanse of empty seats below us more to the centre beckoned and 20 mins into the show I moved us to MM 25 – 28 which were much better.  This waffle about seating may be boring but I need a record to remind myself where not to book, if we go again next year.  If you are reading this before booking, note that any seats in Block B are the best, or Block A or C further away from the side edge in line with the stage entrance.  If booking on Computicket be very aware if your selected choice is changed.

Disney children

With logistics out of the way let me tell you about the show.  Even from inferior seats it is well worth going.  The children were mesmerised.  Watching their enthralled faces delighted me as much as the dazzling performance.  The show glides with grace through 2 hours which seem to pass in a flash.  Everything is perfect from sets and costumes to the first class skating.

I had assumed that Disney on Ice is an annual local production.  It is however a series of touring international shows.  I assume that it is the next best thing to going to Disney World.

Some tips

  • Camera’s are allowed
  • A friend who has been in front row seats suggested that we take binoculars for the back rows.  I took 2 pairs and didn’t unpack them.  We could see well enough not to need them.
  • Toys and memorabilia are on sale.  I did not look closely (lead me not into temptation) but some items seemed lovely.  On our way to the show I had told the children that I would not be buying toys.  Price dependant I may have relented and bought a T-shirt but we were in a rush to get home after the show.
  • I did not check prices but friends had warned me that food is VERY expensive, one friend thought that she payed R80 for a box of pop corn last year.  Needless to say we did not consider buying food or drinks after that information.
  • Due to the season and proximity to ice I packed big heavy jackets, these were not needed, in fact Acacia sat through the show in a sleeveless dress.

Disney on Ice is spectacular and children who attend will always cherish the memory.  If you can, I strongly advise that you don’t miss out.

We went to Disney on Ice again in 2017 and were gifted with tickets which I would never have afforded.  You can read about that here


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  1. Sounds like so much fun!

    I was temptes to get tickets but not sure if my youngest will sit still for long enough… maybe next year!

    Thanks for the seating hints.

    • Last year aside from the cost I was also worried that Acacia would not cope with such a long show, she was 3 then about to turn 4. This time at 4 almost 5 it was no problem at all, they are so fascinated by what is going on that the time really does fly

  2. Sniff sniff. We won’t get to see it in Durban.

  3. I absolutely adore ice shows and live theatre, although we haven’t been to an ice show in years. The last one may have even been Disney, it was at Northgate and Chad was about Fjord’s age. I didn’t realise the show had started, Chad was at the ice rink the other night, he didn’t mention it not that he does enthral me with his comings and goings, I miss those days 😀 Glad your children enjoyed it, because it is quite a distance from your place, but so worth it.

    • They grow up too darn fast don’t they? I have now decided that I really must try to get them to live shows once a term. So much better than movies

  4. I was really struggling regarding the sitting arrangement. Thank You so much for the Info

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