Durban People’s Park – The best children’s playground in South Africa

People's Park Durban

In April my sister-in-law took us to People’s Park at the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban.  What a wonderful discovery for any parent!
People's park playground

This time during our 2 week winter break in Durban we visited People’s Park three times.  It is beyond doubt the best children’s playground that I have ever visited.  The equipment in the playground is fantastic!  I love the soft beach sand in the play area, if the children fall they can’t get seriously hurt, just dust themselves off and carry on playing. 

The grand Moses Mabhida stadium stands over the children like a proud parent. 
People's Park bicycle
Around the play area is a large glassy smooth concrete area where children practice their skills on anything with wheels, from roller blades to bicycles.  If they come a cropper there can be no nasty grazes. 

People's Park go cartOn our last visit we noticed Go-carts for hire outside the People’s Cafe.  I’m not sure if this is regularly on offer, for R40 for half an hour Fjord had so much fun! 

People's Park CafeThe cherry on top for parents is the People’s Cafe, an excellent, well priced restaurant.  In April I had a yummy roast veg burrito, which cost a mere R34.  This time I spotted brownies on the menu for R19, for an extra R10 you can add a coffee, cappuccino or tea.  The brownies were delicious and the serving generous.  Cliff proclaimed that the cappuccino was the best we had during our holiday. 

There is no entry fee at People’s Park and if you visit for the 1st time, it certainly won’t be the last. 

I only wish that we had something similar in Jo’burg.  Durban comes up trumps again!

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  1. its my son’s birthday next month and my aunt told me he would enjoy it if i do it there, but i’m not sure who to contact please assist.

    • Hello, I’m sorry I’m not sure who you can contact. So far as I know since there is no entrance fee you can just go there, but maybe contact the People’s Cafe or someone from Moses Mabhida stadium to find out.

  2. No fee. You just try and get there early enough to get a good spot.

  3. do you have to go with your own chairs, picnic blankets etc…. or are their tables, shaded seating area for kids ? can you bring your own food or do you have to eat at their restaurant ? thanks! 🙂

  4. Are you allowed to braai there ?

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