Garden of Eden Tea Garden, Hoedspruit – A little piece of heaven on earth

secluded table

When you enter the Garden of Eden, you need to remember the golden rule.  Don’t invite the serpents in.  At the gate, leave your worries, the mental conversation with your mother-in-law or the children’s fight in the car.  Enter the place with an uncluttered mind and try not to play with your cell phone which may rob you of true interaction with the space around you.  Forget about every element which draws the eye from beauty.  Forget about the evils out there, ‘must-have’ life style commodities, e-tolls and politicians.  In the Garden of Eden there is symmetry and there is balance.

hanging red Pink arum red hibiscusIMG_4811table

Each shaded table in the tea garden is separate and secluded.  The food, wholesome and delicious.  Our children explored with wonder and delight, discovering secret spaces, disappearing into their own little worlds.  Watching them I thought of The Secret Garden, I don’t remember the contents of the book but I must read it again.  Acacia (4) asked “Is this really a garden”, I replied “What would you call it?”  She said that she would call it “a jungle”.


Garden of Eden is a space to simply enjoy every sensation of being alive and being there.  A space to count blessings and see only beauty.

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  1. Wow this is such an informative blog…. Well done Ursula i love receiving your posts via email…..Skimming Stones rocks!!!!!!!!
    Shaun Carter

  2. It looks beautiful – Ah The Secret Garden – both my boys watched that movie a hundred times or more although years a part. The video store staff stopped saying ” you have seen that movie already”. You and your family always find such quaint interesting places when you go away.

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