Gecko Jewellers in Midrand, fun and education for children and adults

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I don’t buy into woo woo theories about rocks holding spiritual benefits or healing properties.  Keeping a rose quartz at hand is not going to result in being lucky in love, I can give you a few pointers, but stones don’t feature in any of them.  Looking past the BS, I do however concede that the feel of a stone in my hand imparts a sense of comfort.  In this candy floss world, the core hungers for weight and substance.  A stone in hand, grounds me, it doesn’t matter what type, if soothing calm does not result at least I have a weapon handy in the instance of unwelcome company.

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We are always on the look out for child friendly activities, most appreciated are those with an educational aspect.  A Groupon voucher for Gecko Jewellers afforded the opportunity to learn more about gem stones.  The tour fascinated Fjord, and the go-carts pressed all the right 8 year old buttons.

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Princess Acacia (age 5) was most moved looking at amethyst jewellery (PURPLE) in the shop where I did a good share of coveting.  They both treasured the packet of gemstones received at the end of the tour.

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Juice under the trees was welcome in October heat and the children had more fun in the play area.

I felt that one visit was sufficient but Fjord has repeatedly told us that he wants to go back particularly for the mine tour.  The mine is not a ‘real’ mine but a good replica which serves the intended educational purpose.

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  1. I remember going to a scratch patch somewhere by Cape Town as a child and I really enjoyed it! So I can see why it would be a hit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love stones and think they are so pretty and have gone through stages of stones and crystals and chakra healing but ultimately they are just that – pretty stones 😀
    Looks like a great day out for kids – learning whilst having fun.

  3. This is exactly my kind of place. I love stones and collect pretty ones for the heck of it and not for spiritual or healing properties. Totally agree with the handy weapon bit.

  4. This looks so lovely 🙂 Definitely going to bookmark it.

  5. Oh mine will love it! Thanks for telling us about it

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