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Gunther's Sausages MidlandsGunther's Natal Midlands

If you follow this blog or know me, you will know that I love the Natal Midlands.  This was our first visit to Gunther’s. 

Walking in we loved the look and feel of this scenic, outdoor restaurant.  The St Bernard dogs, Hansel and Gretel add to the warm, homely ambiance.  Gunther greeted us with a welcoming smile and encouraged us to sample the Swiss and German sausages, of which there are five varieties.  These were all tasty.
Gunther's St Bernard

I didn’t see the menu when ordering, but later realised it was on a typewritten page on the counter.  I always feel a bit embarrassed to ask prices, so was rather taken aback when our bill arrived.  It turns out that for one sausage and a roll the price is R29.50, which is almost acceptable.  For the light meal, which only has the addition of a portion of potatoes, the price rockets to almost double at R57.50!  That just doesn’t make sense to me and takes it from acceptable value for money to very over-priced.  At the very least the meal should include 2 sausages.  The photograph shows our small, simple, R115 meal for two.  Sauerkraut is an optional extra, the price of which is not included on the menu.
Gunther's Meal for 2 


The savoury menu consists strictly of sausages (with the option of rolls, potatoes and sauerkraut).  Cliff dows not eat beef or pork, so we were pleased that chicken sausage was offered, although not included as one of the samplers.  There is also cake on offer and we chose  the Black Forest Cake, which was fairly average and almost certainly not homemade.  It was also served partially frozen.  The coffee was at best average.

We liked the setting, the homely atmosphere and the wamth of our hosts at Gunther’s, but the meal price was totally out of whack.  Unfortunately as soon as I feel that we have not recieved value for money I am unlikely to return.

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