Hidden Valley Wines

A visit to Hidden Valley Wines made me wonder if a name sometimes plays a part in a persons destiny.  It would be a waste of a cool name if Dave Hidden did not own a wine farm so perfectly suited to his name in such a perfect location.

Hidden valley tasting room

The smart tasting room is glass sided looking onto enormous shining fermentation tanks.  Our first tasting was the Savignjon Blanc 2012, this was an absolutely perfect summer wine, I loved it.  I have to confess that after this one I was too distracted by my two little ones to fully apprecite the following tastings.  Cliff did say that he was highly impressed by the Hidden Secret 2010 a red blend of Tannat and Mourverdre.  He also enjoyed the Hidden Gems 2010 which is a Cab Sauv and the Pinotage which has a 4 star Platters rating (I hold Platters ratings in low regard as I often violently disagree and know that the judging is not based on blind tasting), it also holds a Winemakers choice diamond award and a bronze Veritas award.

Hidden valley wines & awards

We also tasted Olives, the Noccelara green olives were incredible, they are an Italian varietal grown on the slopes of the mountain.

We didn’t have enough time but you can do an easy walking nature trail.  If you are organized enough to book 3 days ahead they also offer that you can order a full picnic basket for R300 which includes a bottle of wine and  a blanket, to be enjoyed at an exclusive spot beside the dam in Hidden Valley’s Fynbos gardens.

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