Information if you are facing job loss due to Vaccine Mandates in South Africa

I am not a lawyer and am in no position to give advice. I can point you to people with the right knowledge. More and more people are being threatened with loosing their livelihoods because companies are insisting on forcing a medical decision of which the long term results are absolutely unknown. For those who are making the choice not to vaccinate (the definition of vaccine had to be changed to include these) against Covid, below are some options available to you. I don’t know if they will help, we have not yet walked this path but I’m simply pulling information together in one place.

Below are various organizations and lawyers who are offering to help, in many cases free of charge.

PANDA – Pandemic Data Analytics

Under the Resources tab on their web page you can find printable forms, including a medical disclosure letter. The Panda team are international, although the chairman, actuary Nick Hudson is based in South Africa. You can find Panda on Twitter @PanData19, Telegram PANDA Data & Analytics, Facebook PANDA – Pandemics Data and Analytics

The Red List

There is a wealth of information under the ‘Legal’ tab on The Red List. They also list companies who are ignoring human rights and enforcing mandates. I keep an eye on this and boycott accordingly.


Schalk is a lawyer who specialises in labour law. He is quite arrogant and controversial but appears to know his stuff. He has free letters and advice on his various platforms and has taken on some big guys most recently I gather that due to his involvement Dischem moved their date for manatory jabs from Feb to June. He posts many legally informative videos on both Facebook and Telegram Schalk van der Merwe Official. In the beginning most of his communication was in Afrikaans but he now also shares information in English. He does charge for individual help, I think that his basic package is R850.

CCA – Covid Care Alliance

Free legal letters for employees are also available under the resources tab. Lawyer Riekie Erasmus was also instrumental in getting the charges against arrested Gauteng protest organisers of the World Wide Freedom Rally dropped and they spoke highly of her. You can find them on Telegram CCA – Covid Care Alliance.


Ryno De Beer who is not a practicing lawyer seems very clued up. He took on government over lockdown regulations and won, this was mainly suppressed by news and I think that many thought that the resulting court order was too good to be true. Believe it or not we could have lived life as normal for many months carrying his court order, sadly it was overturned because it was challenged through a case which he did not attend via zoom as he held that the court order meant that zoom case was null and void (my non legal interpretation). He maintains that it is still valid as the case was not valid. Ryno if you read this please feel free to correct me in the comments section below. He also offers legal forms for mandates and forced testing on the top right section of his web page. He is also on Telegram Liberty Fighters Network Channel


Dr Kathrada and Advocate Pearl Kupe will have a web page soon. Adv Kupe is currently involved with the Free State University court case. You can find VUKA SA on Telegram

What I have gathered is that applying for religious or medical exemptions, generally does not work. I’ve not heard of one successful instance of a religious exemption being granted. I think that going that route sets employees on the path of playing the game. I’m told that at a university the front page of the exemption form states that if exemption is refused the applicant has 14 days to be vaccinated. Also if dismissed make sure that you get a letter of dismissal in writing. To help others in the same boat please share your experiences via the comments section. If you know of other lawyers or organisations offering help please share these with me so that I can update this page.

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