Inspiration and spoiling at the Kids Emporium bloggers breakfast

Emoyeni Estate
Emoyeni Estate In Parktown a classy, unique venue


Bodies and minds were well nourished
Bodies and minds were well nourished

The bloggers breakfast at Emoyeni Estate, hosted by Kids Emporium was a lovely extension of my birthday the day before.  The thoughtful, meticulous attention to every detail by Lauren and her team reflected an organization based on the right foundation.

Pamela Powers
Pamela Powers

The 3 speakers inspired respect and admiration.  Lauren spoke of her vision and fulfilment in founding and leading Kids Emporium.  Melanie from Imbali Foundation and Georgia by LKD, shared the story of her daughter Georgia who has cerebral palsy and how this challenge has enriched their lives.   Melanie’s vision is to build an inclusive school ‘The Imbali School of Excellence’ where disabled children will be accommodated and nurtured to reach their full potential alongside able bodied peers.   I loved listening to Pamela Powers (author of MS Conception), so much resonated with me.  She exuded warmth and humour.  I look forward to reading her book very soon.

The children were bleak when I left early in the morning to attend the breakfast, moaning that I’m never home (DA branch meeting Tues, Pottery Class Wed, anti e-tolls bridge banner protest on Fri), despite the exaggeration some Mummy guilt crept in.  All was forgiven when I returned home with the most awesome goodie bag, packed with surprises for them.  It seemed that very thoughtful research went into selecting our gifts, perfectly tailored for my children.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School Dreamy dress ups fairy wings Sasol my first book of Birdsdreamy dress ups fairy wings (2)Play TapeIMG_0169 spray tie dye

The children couldn’t wait to make the E Z Spray, Tie Dye bandana.  This was so perfect because I had wanted to do a tie dye trial run as this is the craft activity which I have planned for the Children’s upcoming combined birthday party. There was sufficient dye in the kit for us to also tie dye a T shirt.

Yellow plate back Yellow plate

Fjord (8) was funny when I showed him the Yellow Plate and explained that it was reserved for special occasions, he said “Well I don’t really see the point of that.”  2 Hours later after some thinking he said “I can’t wait for it to be my turn to use The Yellow Plate.”  I love the idea of starting a new family tradition.

How to make a person feel special
How to make a person feel special

Thank you again to Lauren and her team from Kids Emporium, you made us feel so special and restored faith that some businesses are still rooted in the ethos and values which put quality first.




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  1. I am so sad to have missed it….

  2. You really do have your proverbial plate very full, this blogger event and venue looks great. How awesome are the goodie bags! I remember Diary of a Wimpy Kid ☺
    HAHA so cute Fjord and the plate – enjoy the new tradition

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