Kraaifontein cottage in Nieuwoudtville the last stop on our Spring flower trip 2016

I am soooo bad.  Never got around to writing about the last stop on our Spring Flower trip, on 6 September 2016.  One of the main purposes of this blog is to keep record of our travels.  Here it is, better late than never!   Nieuwoudtville is known for wonderful displays of bulbs during Flower season, although we arrived at the tail end of the season in that area it was still beautiful.  Kraaifontein Cottage was our favourite accommodation on the entire trip.  The fortress thick walls, a buffer against the world from which we were on sabbatical.

Nieuwoudtville waterfall is just outside town. Our first time there about 8 years ago Fjord pointed in wonder saying one of his first words “OOOk!”
The soft warm glow of natural light

At night Cliff and I sipped wine in the glow of the kitchen fire (there is no electricity at the cottage).

Unfortunately Nieuwoudtville was also memorable for less than appealing food choices. These basics, sourced from 2 different stores provided a rudimentary but rather fun supper.

In the morning the children disappeared, exploring the farm as children were free to do in better times, long ago.  It took some time to locate and herd them into the car.

I will remember Nieuwoudtville with romantic nostalgia, if we visit again, taking good food supplies to self cater better will be at the top of my priority list.  Thankfully we now have a thermo electric cooler box which will make it easier to travel with perishables.

This at last concludes the re-cap of our flower trip.  It was about so much more than flowers, the journey always endures longer than the destinations.

**  If you visit Kraaifontein cottage bear in mind that there are no electric plug points to charge camera batteries, cell phones, electric toothbrushes etc.

Although at the end of peak flowers below are some of the flowers which we saw




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