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Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – Book Review

Lets pretend

The title Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, prompted me to read the book.  Being aware that trying to pretend that Marc never happened in my life created a dishonest version of me and my past, which is integral to my present self.  We are indeed the sum of our experiences.

At first, although aware that the book is funny, I didn’t laugh.  Soon I was trying to supress chuckles so as not to wake my sleeping husband.  Last year I read the memoir Bossypants by Tina Fey, others recommended it as hilariously funny, I didn’t laugh once, possibly because I simply didn’t warm to Tina Fey.  Although I probably have little in common with Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess), other than being a blogger, she is likeable.  Her writing style is more conversational than eloquent but it works and will have wide appeal.  Carrie Fisher remains my favourite in the ‘funny female memoir’ category, I think that Jenny Lawson would enjoy her work too.


  1. I love the cover of that book

  2. I wouldn’t read the book simply because of the cover. I cannot stand mice in any shape size or form 😃 I have a serious and real phobia when it comes to those creatures. I had to scroll down very quickly to not see the picture. 😁
    I have never heard of Jenny Lawson and like you, I have never warmed to Tina Fey either and did not know she wrote a book.
    Our pasts do define our future and we do have to walk certain paths to have what we have or who we become. As long as our past does not become obsessive or continually compare better to our present then it is OK. It is the past and not present for a reason.
    It seems like you are having a tough time dealing with the death of Marc and hope you can work through it. I am sure writing helps a lot.

    • Much wisdom Dianne. Thankfully I am very happy with the present. I just needed to acknowledge the role that Marc played in my past, and every past relationship has made me truly appreciate what I have now.

      • I am sure it is because of your current happiness and confidence in your present life that enables you to deal with past relationships with such honesty and openness. I hope writing does help with the grieving process.

        • Writing is the best therapy I know 🙂 I needed to process Marc’s death through writing but feel that I have said all that will be said now.

  3. I have it on my to read list – thanks for the review – I always enjoy your book reviews

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