Lifeblood poetry by Phomolo Flex Sekamotho

Phomolo Flex Sekamotho, In between the lines

Most days slip by with little highs and little lows and then come the moments which we live for, moments of pure beauty.  I opened up my e-mail this afternoon and read an e-mail from a poet named Phomolo Flex Sekamotho, he sent me links to his artist profile and his digital compilation of poetry.  He asked if I would listen and spread the word, my only wish is that I could spread it further.   The 1st track which I chose gave me goosebumps, as I listened to more I closed my eyes to absorb the rhythm and the words.  I love the written word, but performance poetry when done right (and his work is perfection) speaks to the heart, the beat synchronizes with my heartbeat and I feel so wonderfully alive.  His compilation ‘In Between the Lines‘ uses voice and music in harmony.  I was a bit puzzled by one title ‘Tea You Am Eye’ but listening to it, the title works.  I can’t tell you which is my favourite, I could not choose.  although this is performance poetry I do wish that the words of the poems were also printed as I would like to read them too.  I listened to most tracks with my eyes closed as I wanted to shut out everything peripheral to the experience of absorbing this art.  That’s enough from me!  Rather spend your time going to the link, trust me your day will be richer for it. 


If you click on the images below you can read Flex’s Artist profile and see pictures of him.

Flex - Artist profile

Flex - contact info

Flex photos

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