Maple Cookies

After my uncle gave me a big bottle of maple syrup, I am searching for ideas how to use it. My main worry is that the delicate flavour will be lost in anything where other ingredients may overwhelm it.

Fjord has nut allergies which can translate to being allergic to certain honeys, depending on the source of the pollen, which is pretty darn hard to establish. Recently honey which was safe before started giving him an itchy throat, that can be the beginning of more serious reactions. Now if a meal recipe calls for honey I swap with brown sugar, or malt now I’m also going to try maple syrup.

After looking at lots of recipes for maple cookies, I opted to adapt a recipe which I use to make something like Royal Creams.

Oops I pulled of my famous party trick and forgot to set the timer while baking, these are a little more browned than they should be


225g soft butter

100 ml icing sugar

500 ml flour

15 ml cornflour


10ml soft butter

½ cup icing sugar

about 2 Tbs maple syrup


Beat butter and icing

add flour and cornflour

mix until smooth

Roll out to about 5mm thick and cut with a cookie cutter

Bake at 180 for 15 min

Decorate with icing when cool


combine the ingredients adding enough maple syrup until consistency is about the same as a thick sauce. Place in a small plastic zip lock bag and snip off a very small hole in one corner. Squeeze though the hole and pattern onto the cookies

Some cookies I sprinkled with Fulton’s Maple Cinnamon sugar that Domi gave me before they went in the oven

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