Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre

Marobou Storks at the entrance to Moholoholo
Marobou Storks at the entrance to Moholoholo

Animal Rehabilitation Centres stir mixed emotions.  The nature of their existence both tragic and heartwarming.  Being reminded of the wholesale destruction of habitat and wildlife engineered by humans, clouds the sunshine of my day.  Still, we need to be aware, ignoring tragedy only allows evil to gain more territory.  At Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre a small team dedicate their lives to saving animals, with special attention to predators.

Our tour began with a slide show.   Exposing us to haunting images of agony and death, caused by snares.   No cute and cuddly, warm fuzzies in the bloodied pictures;  just the bare bones of ugly reality.  The pain subsides when shown the good work being done at the centre, the nurturing and the reclaiming of life.

family with cheetah at Moholholo

The opportunity to touch a majestic cheetah was an exhilarating highlight, which had a profound impact on our children.  They will never forget that rare opportunity.

Stoffel the honeybadger provided welcome comic relief.  His various escape antics have rocketed this smart little guy to cyber fame, one of several youtube videos staring him has been viewed over 5 million times.

We returned to our accommodation at Blyde River Cabin with enhanced awareness of fragile natural balance, grateful that some people care enough to preserve our natural heritage and dedicate their lives to saving animals.  The visit to Moholoholo reminded me of the story of the boy who stuck his finger in a dyke.  One good person can make a world of difference.

Caracal cheetah moholoholo Eagle guide vulturevulture close

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