My 4 favourite blogs

I currently have 4 favourite bloggers whose work I admire so much that I would like to share them with you.  I tend not to love the ones which read very much like adverts,  on my blogging journey these 4 stand out as real gems.  They inspire me, add beauty to a day and provide food for thought.   Initially I felt that I should do a top 5 as in High Fidelity but at the present there is not another which really stands out.  Here they are in no particular order, I’ll start with the men.

Things + Flesh

Tony writes with unmatched creative beauty, he captures a mood, a moment, thoughts and feelings with breathtaking artistry.   He has a truly beautiful mind.  Tony must be a very complete person as he never focuses on darkness or negativity.  In real life he is a musician and lyricist, he writes lyrics for himself and others and has done the soundtrack for a movie.  He ensures that his identity remains secret, I do so wish that I knew his real name, I would love to seek out his music, on the other hand the air of mystery has its appeal.

23 Thorns

Like Tony of Things + Flesh I so wish that I could write with half the skill of 23 Thorns.  23 Thorns cuts to the core of the subject which he writes on, even on familiar topics he forces me to step back, squint and see the same picture from a new and dazzling point of view.  23 Thorns is funny, very very funny, in most cases when I read his posts I have tears of laughter rolling down my face.  I often go back to his posts to read over,  sometimes several times, quite something for me to do as I often skim read the shortest posts, and his are long.

Mari’s World

I ‘met’ Mari more than 8 years ago on the UK Babycentre site.  We were part of the chat group 35+ TTC (Trying to conceive).  The community board was a place where us ladies all in the same boat shared not only our TTC journey but also the highs and lows of our everyday life.  I felt so close to many of the ladies and remain in contact with them on Facebook.  Mari is the person who started me on my blogging journey, she encouraged me to start my own blog which I put off for a long time, the primary reason being, I didn’t really know what a blog was or how to go about starting one.  Like me, Mari  is the mother of older children and is re-married.  She now has beautiful twin girls.

Chad Life Us

I feel that I have much in common with Dianne, we both live in Gauteng and hanker to return to Natal.   We both own a Getz and share other interests and points of view, while reading her posts I’m often saying “yup me too”, in my head.  I love the honesty of her work.  Hers is the one blog which I try to read every day.


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  1. Oh Sula, that is just so sweet and made me quite emotional. Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my blog and on a “life really sucks” day for me. Its crazy I also read your blog and think “that’s me” or something you have experienced I have also. Sometimes “strangers” have more in common with us that those close to us. Although these days relocating to a fishing village like Paternoster is looking more and more appealing than Natal :).
    I will definitely read the other blogs you recommend. I have read some of the posts on 23 Thorns – linked from your blog and he is hilarious.
    I am so happy to have found your blog, because it is very real and honest and you have a brilliant style of writing

    • I really hope that your day has improved. Mine started with a horrible dream, onwards and upwards … or sideways, my mind is rather weighted today. Hmmm Paternoster is good or my fav west coast town, Port Nolloth. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  2. Shame man, my day has not improved much either. We have never been to Paternoster – just sounds and looks like it could be a much simpler life than life in Joburg.
    Take Care

  3. Thank you so much. What an honour and I am so pleased you listened to me and that you re enjoying it as much as I am.
    I am late getting back to you, school holidays, work, clean the house, you know the drill but I am so pleased I planted the seed – now go and enjoy your journey

    Much love Mari xx

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