My birthday weekend, food, family and Disney on Ice

A Saturday birthday provides good cause to extend celebrations.  At 49 the inclination is to feel bleak about a falling down face and the shuffle toward the wrong end of mortality.  However my birthday was a celebration of life and love.

Small touches like sorbet between courses elevate a meal far beyond the ordinary

On Friday night Cliff took us for supper at Afrique Boutique hotel, after this dining experience all other Boksburg restaurants were cast under it’s shadow.  Afrique Boutique is classy, tasteful and the food was delicious.  I can’t remember when last we enjoyed a meal where sorbets were served between courses to cleanse the pallet.  Despite the ambiance and quality, the prices seemed on par with your average chain franchise, incredible value!

Fjord proclaimed that this spaghetti bolognese was the best ever. The kids portion was so large that he enjoyed the rest the following day

On my birthday Cliff brought me cappuccino and cupcakes in bed.  He then flew to Cape Town as his parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

I stopped at the craft market at Heckers nursery on our way home.  Fjord loved the windmills and I loved the beaded lamps.  Later my older children Domi and Heath came to spend the night and my friend Abbey visited with her family.

  On Sunday watching Disney on Ice, the wonder of childhood was shared with Fjord and Acacia.   It was magical to witness their enraptured expressions.  On our first visit to Disney on Ice in 2015, I could only afford the worst seats and we still had a wonderful time.  This year my aunt Maeve gifted us 3 tickets in the best possible position (Row F in Block C).  The show was breathtaking, we were particularly awed by the Lion King, Aladdin and Frozen scenes.  This was the perfect way to round off my birthday weekend, with the reminder that the heart and spirit do not age and perish.








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  1. It looks as though you were deservedly spoilt. Wishing you many many more happy birthdays.

  2. Happy belated birthday!

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