Near miraculous results using OsteoEze Gold

Osteoeze Gold

Being pregnant at ages 38 and 42, I don’ think that I did my body many favours dishing out calcium to grow the skeletal structures of 2 small humans.  For a total of 3 years the mineral generosity was perpetuated through breastfeeding.  I don’t know if there’s a connection but I have early osteoporosis and had 3 separate joint issues.

For a few years I had temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, which in layman’s terms is a very sore, frozen, clicky jaw.  I could not open my mouth more than about 3cm.  Cliff lamented that … actually I won’t go there.  A maxillio facial specialist had a bite plate made for me as I clenched my teeth in my sleep.  (At that point in my life, I think I can lay that one squarely on my MIL not the little humans).  The bite plate helped considerably but I ground it to pieces in under a year.

My right hip hurt constantly since my pregnancy with Acacia.  I did nothing to treat that and lived with the pain.

I suddenly had terrible pain in my index finger.  I could not bend it and it hurt like hell.  Doctors are my last resort but I went to one because I thought that an insect was stuck in my ear (another story).  While at the doc, I asked about my finger and was told that I had (have?) osteoarthritis.  He recommended OsteoEze Gold which a friend had previously recommended for my other aches.

The time had come to fork out the money (it’s not cheap) and try OsteoEze Gold.  For the first 2 weeks I took 3 tabs a day, thereafter I cut down to 1 a day.  I was gobsmacked.  Within 2 weeks the finger and hip pain were gone.  Within a month my jaw was dramatically better.  The results were extreme.  After a few months, I slacked off a bit, when I left it too long the pain began to return.  I need to be good and keep at it.  It may be expensive but it is so worth taking.

Cliff also experienced great results.  He will soon write a post for me about his horrible struggle with numb fingers from a bulging disc in his neck.  Instead of surgery he took a 4 pronged approach.  1) Chiropractor 2) exercises 3) OsteoEze 4) hot and cold packs.  His recovery has been amazing.

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  1. It is amazing what medicine can do. I remember when Barry first got Arthritis it was awful, then when he went on his medication it made a huge difference. Rather stick to it and don’t miss.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I am a bit worried about my calcium intake as well!

  3. Thank you for this Sula, I am going to try it. I have just this minute said I only have two pairs of shoes to wear, because high heels or even a slight heel causes hip and severe back pain. I feel like an arthritic 90 year old with neck, arm, finger wrist pains. I have started drinking ginger tea and putting tumeric on my food because going to the doctor means surgery suggestions or antiinflammatories that cause even more problems. I will definitely look into this, natural remedies have made a slight difference.

    • I can’t recommend it enough. Let me know your results after a month. I can’t imagine any conventional medicine being any better

      • Hi Sula,
        I tried Osteoeze and had mixed feelings about it. I couldn’t say that I had seen a difference, some days pain is mild to nothing, some days really bad. It also has the same effect on my Ulcer/Reflux issue as normal anti-inflammatories so I never bought a new month’s supply and went back to my natural remedies of turmeric etc.
        Then went to a chiropractor this morning, who highly recommends Osteoeze Gold but said if it causes reflux I must speak to a pharmacist and see if they can recommend a similar product that won’t affect my digestive track. I should also take Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin B12.
        I also now know why the Osteoeze wouldn’t have made a difference on it’s own.
        Thanks to this post though, I finally decided to try a chiropractor, Mark has been saying I should maybe try a chiropractor before being referred for MRI’s and surgeons. So hopefully she can sort out my aches and pains 😃

        • I hope that you find a solution before going the MRI etc route. Cliff eventually went for a MRI, the only good was that he took it to the chiro for her to get a really clear picture of what was going on. The surgeon only wanted to operate without even thinking of any other option, and surgery really should be a last resort

          • I also don’t want to go that route, Mark had a spinal fusion also with no alternative options. I am confident this woman will sort it out. What she diagnosed from examination then treatment was spot on with the pain I have, so we will see what happens.

          • My experience has been that chiros are brilliant and way better than physio therapists at getting real results

  4. i took osteoeze for 5 months religiously. no change. no improvement

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