Night – poem

I’m not managing a poem a day but continuing with picking a poem title and writing somthing with the same title.


Shadows fall


Rough edges blur

The blanket of darkness covers all



Soul moon rises

Summoning tides


silver path

over black waters


There is always a way


The title of this poem came from Night by Henry Howard

Alas, so all things now do hold their peace!
   Heaven and earth disturbèd in no thing;
The beasts, the air, the birds their song do cease,
   The nightès car the stars about doth bring;
Calm is the sea; the waves work less and less:
   So am not I, whom love, alas! doth wring,
Bringing before my face the great increase
   Of my desires, whereat I weep and sing,
In joy and woe, as in a doubtful case.
   For my sweet thoughts sometime do pleasure bring:
But by and by, the cause of my disease
   Gives me a pang that inwardly doth sting,
When that I think what grief it is again
To live and lack the thing should rid my pain.


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