Our week ending 8 Aug 2021, minimal news is good news

Already 2 days past the end of the week but it’s been quiet. Fjord turned 14 last week, he had a good day. We gave him a harmonica which he is already getting the hang of. My eldest son Heath visited Jo’burg and it was lovely to spend yesterday and part of Saturday with him.

We also gave Fjord a lava lamp but something odd has gone wrong and the wax keeps sticking to the sides, and is not forming nice smooth shapes. We have looked up solutions to this problem and nothing we have tried works. (September update, turns out that the lamp was a dud, we took it back and were told that all of the Eurolux lava lamps in this blue colour were defective. Rather shoddy since if they knew that, all the lamps should have been recalled and not sold hoping that people will not complain.)
Earthly Powers is a book which I’ve owned for a long time but not read, most likely intimidated by the size of it and knowing it would not be a light, fluffy read. So far I’m finding it very good. Nothing like Clockwork Orange by the same author
Acacia bought herself a diamond dot picture of tigers at the Bokkie Park craft market. It quite addictive, and more fun than imagined
Best sweet discovery in a long time! Woolworths Fizz mallows

In this weeks Rona diary, I still have not heard of any new cases. Found out that a friend who is diabetic fell ill about 3 weeks ago, she has been recovering slowly at home. I’m very worried about J, I thought that she was getting better but now she is on a ventilator. A man who did welding on our fence a few months ago had difficulty using his arms and hands for a few weeks after first C19 injection, last week he went for 2nd dose and for several days after found it almost impossible to swallow even drinking water was hard.

Most of my life while not being unhappy with who I am, I have felt like a misfit. More and more I realise that this is how most teens and more adults than we imagine feel. We never know what’s going on beyond the surface and compassion can make such a difference to those around us. This song still resonates with me

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