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Perimenopause and Pregnancy can have unnerving similarities

This post is specifically for women in the situation which I have been in recently.  I spent so much time googling, trying to figure out what my body was up to, so if you have been led here by a search engine, I hope to be of help.  The past 3 months have been pretty stressful.  Four months later I ... Read More »

Stork custard cookies

Last night there were no treats in the house, today that had to be remedied.  I saved some Stork recipes on Pinterest and decided to try a new recipe.  The Custard Cookies taste lovely, and the bit of extra work decorating them was worth it, they look so pretty.  The recipe has no eggs which is ideal for Fjord who ... Read More »

Painting Clay pots – kids craft at Fjord’s 7th birthday party

Whew I’m so birthday partied out, Fjord and Acacia’s birthdays are 2 weeks apart and planning 2 parties so close together is a fair bit of work.  Added to that I worry that all will go smoothly and according to plan.  I still forgot to make popcorn at both parties but over all they seemed a success.  What matters most ... Read More »

Acacia decorated her own 4th birthday cake

Acacia’s 4th birthday was last month but this blog post on what you don’t need for a children’s birthday party, inspired me to share this.  When Heath (now 23) was little, I pulled off what must have been one of my most stupid parenting blunders.  I decided for his 4th or 5th birthday to give him a surprise party.  When ... Read More »

Yummy, quick and easy Tuna Curry

I am not a fancy cook, I like meals which are quick, easy and taste good.  This Tuna Curry can be ready in 20 mins and tastes delicious.  Mum often made it when I was a teen, at that stage I did not like curry but I loved her tuna curry.  The ingredients are very flexible, only the tuna, mushrooms, ... Read More »

Kitchen Craft Burger making kit review

There are 2 meals which we have every week, the rest vary as much as possible.   During the week we have a home-made pizza night and Friday is burger night.  The patties are so easy to make and I always freeze at least half.   I don’t use egg in my burger patties as Fjord is allergic to egg and they ... Read More »

Hypochondria in a 7 year old

Just over two weeks ago, Fjord was part of a conversation about ruptured appendix.  He heard that a person had his appendix removed because it ruptured.  Over night he became a severe hypochondriac.  Every day he talked about appendixes exploding and poison going into his body.  He imagined tummy pains and was convinced that this had happened to him, more ... Read More »

Fjord’s 7th birthday cake a stapeliad flower.

I totally love baking but I do not enjoy decorating (primarily because I suck at it).  For Fjord’s 7th birthday he didn’t want a car, or superhero cake, he wanted a stapeliad flower.  Through Cliff he has learned a love of plants and gardening.  His favourite flowers are such boy flowers, they are stinky.  Stapeliads (or carrion plants) have the ... Read More »

Santam – Be Safe Out There

On 1 September, Santam launched a television campaign aimed at highlighting how thinking patterns influence our behaviour. The precedent is simple: of all the species on our planet, humans are the only ones who actively and knowingly seek out risk, often against their own better judgement. Consider how often we text while driving or drive under the influence. We neglect ... Read More »

Sunkist Nursery and Stained Glass studio in Pomona

On Sunday we discovered 3 nurseries on Main Road in Pomona (I thought it was Benoni) until I checked later.   My husband Cliff is an avid gardener and our children are picking up on his enthusiasm.  Sunkist Nursery at 311 Main Road was a great discovery!  They have a lovely tea garden and play area, were we enjoyed a Sunday ... Read More »