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Yes! Women can wear Men’s Jeans

For the past 2 years I have been desperate to replace my denim jeans.  The problem has been that I HATE stretch denim, I wanted 100% cotton which seems to be out of fashion.  To complicate things further I don’t like fake creases, fake fading, fake rips or any bells and whistles.  I also like dark blue denim which the ... Read More »

Easy Crustless Tuna Tart

This Tuna tart is quick to make and tastes good.  You can make it as one large 20 cm tart or as small tartletts which are more suitable for savory snacks. 2 eggs, lightly beaten 5 ml Worcester sauce about 40 ml fresh chopped herbs 1 salad pepper (capsicum) chopped salt and pepper to taste 1 can tuna fish 1 ... Read More »

Wanted, Arzberg Pacific Blue Crockery

As my 18th birthday present my parents gave me a set of beautiful china, I had 8 dinner plates, side plates, a tea-pot, tea cups and saucers.  The crockery is Arzberg which is still available in white but my set, the ‘Pacific Blue’ which is pretty little blue flowers on white was discontinued in the 1980’s.  When I started working ... Read More »

Crunchies with seeds

This is probably the 1st recipe that I ever baked.  My Mum made them extra special by adding seeds and I now also sometimes add choc chips or cranberries.  The baking tray which I use is 22cm x 35cm CRUNCHIES 160 Grams Margarine 20 ml golden syrup ¾ Cups sugar 1  tsp bicarbonate of soda (Baking soda) 1 Cup coconut ... Read More »

Falling out of Love – Poem

I once asked friends for a topic to write a poem on and was given “Falling out of love with the person you thought you would be with forever.”  This was a tough one and I mulled over it and eventually came up with this.  Enjoyed the challenge, thanks Kerry FALLEN FEATHER Springtime love, Vibrant unfurling Silk falling Revealing Just ... Read More »

Prejudice makes me ugly

This week I learned a life lesson and I was found wanting.  Overdue for a haircut I went to a new hairdresser, Chantal.  My first impression judged her (with great inaccuracy), within the first seconds of meeting her, I put her in a box labelled ‘slightly low class’ and ‘intellectually challenged’.  Yuck!  How awful of me!  My 3-year-old daughter Acacia ... Read More »

On being the Anti-Mom

This picture is a notice which my 6-year-old son Fjord created and hung on his door before closing himself off from me.  What did I do to provoke his ire and rejection?  Well I stopped him from spending his own money, accumulated monetary gifts and pocket-money, kept in the safe.  You may think I’m mean too. He had a dream ... Read More »

The Conversational Bully

The conversational bully Cares not a jot For your humble opinion (which frankly is rot) He listens only, for half a pause A point of entry To further his cause He raises his voice A wall you can’t climb breaking your thought chain (It’s not worth a dime) The question of course is does he win? hard to tell when ... Read More »

The value of reading good writing

Over periods in my life, I often feel creatively dead.  Day to-day mundanities stifle the part of me that I love most. Reading average books creates average thoughts and starve my spirit of stimuli.  Last week I finished reading Philip Larkins novel ‘A Girl in Winter’, the quality of the work immediately reawakened the part of me which fully appreciates ... Read More »

Ezemvelo Nature Reserve East of Pretoria

Cliff has wanted to re-visit Ezemvelo Nature Reserve near Bronkhorstspruit in Gauteng.  Last weekend we found the time to get there.  It was a very long drive from home in Boksburg particularly avoiding e-tolls.  There was a 30 min stop/go near Bronkhorstspruit which was rather annoying for a 4.7km stretch of road works.  The last 20 km leading to Ezemvelo ... Read More »