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Seeking advice about publishing an e-book

Today I’m not sharing an experience or thought with you but looking for advice.  My Children’s picture book ‘Snuffles and the Cloud People’ is at long last ready to be uploaded to Amazon and any other sites which you may recommend.  I will be doing so within the next few days …. drumroll!   I would be deeply grateful for any ... Read More »

Egg Free Chicken Mince Burger Patties

When looking for burger patty recipes  I found that they all seem to require egg.  Fjord is allergic to egg which rules this ingredient out for us.   I was worried about leaving out egg thinking that they would fall apart, but they don’t.  Basically you can use any recipe and simply leave out the egg.  I have however made ... Read More »

Royal Natal National Park – Tranquility and majesty in the Drakensberg Mountains

On our walk through Royal Natal National Park in the Drakensberg, my heart swelled with renewed love for our country.   Crime, corruption and the stresses of daily life, lead to sometimes forgetting how blessed we are to live here.  We have everything, we have soulful deserts, Beethoven symphony beaches and the magnificent Drakensberg mountains.  South Africa also has very special ... Read More »

Cambridge Food Festival – Hartbeespoort

Yesterday we spent time at the Cambridge Food Festival.  We had heard about it on radio 702 and it sounded like a good outing.  We had mixed feelings about the day.  Our main gripe was that we felt the entrance fee of R50 for adults and R25 for children under 5 was excessive.  The entrance fee is not mentioned on ... Read More »

The Art of Crochet books – So an old dog can learn new tricks!

I was taught to crochet by my great Grandmother when I was little.  She only taught me to do chain stitch (casting on) and treble stitch.  With this rudimentary knowledge I have made many blankets and scarves but been frustrated that I could not advance my skill.  Recently I discovered a wonderful wool shop in Boksburg and I was enthralled ... Read More »

Earn a bit from blogging with My Scoop, South Africa

I have never yet earned a blue bean from blogging and simply write because that’s what I love to do.  Some days I think I should pay my readers for the privilege of them giving their time to reading my stuff.  I have posted quite a few reviews only because I want to share my experience of a product or ... Read More »

Winter – The landscape of truth

Chocolate box scenes of verdant colour are embraced by all.  We enjoy a visual cacophony, the optical equivalent to a big band cranked to the max.  What about the soul searing notes of a lone bagpipe?  The simplicity of winter reveals the bare bones of life.  Dried stems clutch dormant seeds.  The seed may be greater than the bloom, potential ... Read More »

The Shining Girls – Lauren Beukes

Over the past year I have read many books by South African authors.  It helps belonging to a book club.  All of these books have make me feel very proudly South African.  Deon Meyer is brilliant.  Redi Tlhabi’s book ‘Endings and Beginnings‘ was one of the most moving books I’ve read.  Yesterday I finished reading ‘The Shining Girls’ by Lauren ... Read More »

All Out Adventures – Extreme Drakensberg fun

With our Daddy’s Deal stay at Mont Aux Sources Hotel we received 2 vouchers for All out Adventures.  Looking through the brochure I thought that it seemed over priced.  After our visit to All out Adventures I felt that although pricey, what they offer is very good value.  So many times, particularly at some restaurants we leave feeling ripped off, ... Read More »