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Mother’s Day – Children are the greatest gift

When I heard the pitter patter of Acacia’s feet heading for our bedroom, my first thought was “I really hope Cliff get’s up for her and leaves me to have a bit of extra Mother’s Day snooze”.  At first while he lay there eyes shut I felt a bit sulky.  When I looked at her smiling face, so delighted to ... Read More »

I found my husband on the www

There are very mixed feelings about internet dating sites but over 9 years ago I met Cliff through  In fact I also met my previous boyfriend Gavin on the same site and we were together for 4 years, he is a fantastic guy but wasn’t the one I was meant to spend my life with.  When you are single ... Read More »

Heritage Market – Hillcrest, gold amongst the tumbleweed

I have put off writing this post because our recent visit to Heritage Market in Hillcrest pained me.  I have wonderful memories of watching children play on the beautiful lawns while the musician Leonard played live music under the gazebo.  There were wonderful shops selling unusual and special items from antique jewellery to wooden furniture and so much in between.  ... Read More »

Endings and Beginnings – A brilliant, unforgettable book

I listen to Redi Tlhabi almost every day on radio 702, when her book ‘Endings and Beginnings’ came out I bought it for our book club.  At first I left it for others to read then brought it home a week ago.  I stalled starting it for a few days, although I enjoy autobiographical works they can be a bit ... Read More »

Pink Himalayan Salt – Pretty Yes, Miraculous Alternative No

This post is written by my husband, he never takes what he reads or hears at face value but applies a scientific mind to the topic at hand. I have heard numerous people making fuzzy claims about the health benefits of consuming pink Himalayan salt instead of regular table salt and perhaps also sea salt. I am often amazed by ... Read More »

The Wine Show – An awesome afternoon

Yesterday we visited the Wine Show at Sandton Convention Centre, what an awesome afternoon out!  Cliff and I almost never get to go out alone together and we were very grateful that big sister Domi looked after little siblings Fjord and Acacia.  I love The Wine Show (previously called the Jo’burg Wine Show), I like the fact that it’s on ... Read More »

The appetizing Eyebrows

I asked friends to give me the 3 words for today’s Daily Prompt,  “Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write.”   I think that the dear friend who gave me the title “The appetizing eyebrows” went all ... Read More »

Marriage – Joint decisions are tough decisions

When I was single, if I wanted a hamster, bird or dog, I bought one, simple.  I fed the pets, took them to the vet and even dug the hole to bury them. This week I wanted a puppy, made enquiries and built up a fair level of excitement at the idea.  I assumed that Cliff would feel the same, ... Read More »

A fresh Eye

Once on the school bus I glanced up at the drivers rear view mirror.  For a split second I observed the stranger in view as a detached outsider.  The perspective was shattered on realizing that I was looking at myself.  I tried to get back to where my mind was in that moment, but it was gone.  I would so ... Read More »

Lusito Land – Candy Floss and Carnival fun

This morning we set off for a day of fun at Lusito Land.  This annual Portuguese festival was a hit with Fjord last year (and the grown ups had a good time too). The queuing system is rather like a New Years resolution it starts out looking like it has good intentions to be orderly and efficient but when you ... Read More »