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So it’s the eyelashes

I’ve just watched the video of Jeff Buckley singing ‘Hallelujah’ and figured out what it was that drew me to a string of men who could play guitar.  There’s the music of course, listen to that song as a perfect example, it stirs emotions.  I have arrived at the revelation that more than the music, the eyelashes were my undoing.  ... Read More »

Our experience using Private Property to sell

Yesterday I heard a radio ad for Private Property and I decided to share our experience using them when I sold my flat 8 years ago.  Prior to that I sold 2 properties using estate agents and really felt that for the enormous chunk which they take I did not get proportional value.  When selling my flat I signed up ... Read More »

Janome Sewing Machine JFS1821S – Review

When Mum was sewing my matric dance dress in 1986 she bought an Elna sewing machine for the job.  It had a great innings but eventually gave up the ghost.  We sent it in for a quote to have it repaired and the cost of repair would have been more than the cost of other brands new machines.  I got ... Read More »

If I could un-invent guns, Oscar would not be on trial for murder

Today’s Daily Prompt is Undo – “If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.” If I could un-invent guns the almost Shakespearean tragedy of Oscar Pistorious’ fall from hero to murderer would not be playing out in our courts.  More than that, millions of deaths would never have happened.  The victims ... Read More »

Do Tissue Salts work?

Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe but in the case of tissue salts I’m looking for some testemonials.  This blog is not about me sharing something with you but rather I would like you to please share your experiences with me.  We recently visited Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre.   Mum bought me a copy of Margaret Roberts book ‘Tissue ... Read More »

Lunch box, mini boxes – Ideas for school lunch fun

Coming up with lunch box ideas for a 5 year old is a challenge, particularly when the 5 year old in question has a host of allergies.  We don’t have many options with sandwiches and I was stuck in a groove of honey, ham or jam. I was reminded of the lovely idea which my sister in law uses, she ... Read More »

Did Valentines disappointments make a slut of me?

This morning as my 5 year old set off to school blissfully unaware that it is Valentines Day, I thought back on my childhood.  I’m not in favour of schools making a fuss of the day.  They do, it’s a great fundraising springboard, kids pay x amount to send cards to each other.  You can see the problem here, can’t ... Read More »