Painting candy coated Easter eggs, a fun kids activity.

Easter eggs decorated

Last year the children painted Easter eggs with food colouring using a paintbrush, it was fun but made the candy coating very sticky and wet.  Today we did the project again, this time the children drew patterns on the eggs with toothpicks which was much neater and less messy.  I then made a tiny mix of water icing using 2 tsp of icing sugar and a few drops of water.  After drawing on the eggs the children dotted water icing on with toothpicks and stuck sprinkles and silver balls on.  This is a really fun activity which they loved doing.

Easter egggs decorating

I am hosting a play date later this week and have enough eggs left for each child at the play date to decorate an egg.  That should keep them entertained for a while to give us Mums a little time to drink wine and enjoy some girl talk.

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