Photo’s, Pain and Past – Poetry


Obviously looking at old photographs, is not good for my psyche.  I wrote this last night after looking for photos for Fjord’s school project. Still the message is, you only have one life, each moment is invaluable.  I must always, at all times, live in the now and appreciate all.  Let the sun never set on a wasted day.  Cliche but true


The paper cut of time
Slices fingers
holding faded photographs
Today bleeding
over frozen yesterdays
past eyes
Are you living?
Really living?
Carpe Diem

Then I found this old untitled poem from 18/12/00.  It seems that the same metaphors haunt me repeatedly.

(sifting through old papers and things)

I am surrounded
By shards of pasts
The crystal ball exploded without future
I cut myself on the glass of now
Leaving more scars
To trace tomorrow
with sad fingers.

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  1. amazing how the same themes are running through your mind at different times.

  2. Powerful words and so very true (ironically I am typing this with my fingers covered in plasters from literal paper cuts).

  3. This is so hauntingly beautiful Ursula!

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