Royal Natal National Park – Tranquility and majesty in the Drakensberg Mountains

Royal Natal Dam (2)

On our walk through Royal Natal National Park in the Drakensberg, my heart swelled with renewed love for our country.   Crime, corruption and the stresses of daily life, lead to sometimes forgetting how blessed we are to live here.  We have everything, we have soulful deserts, Beethoven symphony beaches and the magnificent Drakensberg mountains.  South Africa also has very special people, people who dream big and live big.  The majority of South Africans are good, strong people with big hearts.  Many nations are pretty but if they are Gwynneth Paltrow, South Africa is Sigourney Weaver.

hike cliff & Acacia sleeping

Taking 2 small children on a hike is a bit more work (Acacia fell asleep in the back pack and the hour return walk was tough exercise for Cliff).  Seeing the world through their eyes is tenfold delight.  In the comment book at Mont Aux Sources Hotel where we stayed someone wrote “You need more games for the Children like XBox, Playstation and shooting games for the older kids” Huhhh???  What exactly were they taking time out from?

hike me & Fjord

Walking in the mountains clears the mental clutter, refreshing to have time just to contemplate my shadow.   The closest I get to being one with the earth.

hike shadow




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