Salsa for Nachos (or anything else)

I spent a whole lot of time looking for a recipe for cooked salsa but apart from finding very few, in the end I decided that a fresh one would be nice (and it was).  In the past when we’ve had Nachos I’ve bought ready made salsa, this one is nicer, makes about 500ml (way more than the bought bottle), and works out way cheaper.


½  small or medium onion

handful coriander leaves and basil

1 tin chopped tomato in juice

1 small red or yellow pepper

juice of half a lime

¼ tsp salt

a shake of cumin

chili sauce to taste

Put all the ingredients in a food processor and whizz to the texture that you like.  I had quite a bit left over and have frozen it, can’t see any reason why it would not freeze well.

I got ideas from these recipes

Mandy’s simple salsa

Restaurant style salsa

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