Sewing and Scouting, week ending May 30th 2021

Simplicity leggings pattern 1076. Making leggings or pants with an elastic waist should take about an hour. These were more than 4 hours in the making. My thread kept breaking and they were so baggy that I took in the seams a few times. Then I folded the waistband too deep which had to be unpicked and resewn. Next time I’m adding 2cm to the depth of the waist and I’ve traced the pattern again on size small instead of medium as I have a Humpty Dumpty figure, round tummy and skinny legs. Afterward I thought that for leggings it would be cheaper and more accurate to take apart a pair of old leggings and use them as a pattern to cut out new ones. I learned a valuable lesson, after changing the needle, adjusting tension and taking the machine apart to look for problems, discovered that the thread broke because it was poor quality.
I’ve used this skirt pattern a few times. Simplicity 2609. It is quick to make and this fabric falls beautifully. Never too old to learn, bought and used a “stretch” fabric needle which is way better for thin stretch fabric, in the past I’ve used a “jersey” needle but the stretch one had far better results. Shows how important the right tools for a job are
Mum needs a few more bowls but I should have made them slightly bigger. These hold just on 500 ml. Stoneware shrinks so much more than Earthenware. None the less very happy with the drippy glaze
I was privileged to attend the camp at State Mines Golf Course where this pioneering project was undertaken.
Ice on a cloth on Sunday morning. I was not a happy camper in my tent during that sub zero night. It didn’t help that my darned inflatable mattress deflated. A major lesson in appreciating things taken for granted like a hot bath, mattress and clean sheets
The cubs and scouts had so much fun enjoying the fruits of their hard work

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