Sexy Songs, what music turns you on?

There is music which speaks to the mind, music to stir the soul and romantic music which echos the rhythms of the heart, and then there is music which targets the loins. Strangely the current offerings from ‘porn star’ pop divas are not what I perceive as the least bit sexy. Dear Miley sticks her tongue out like she’s desperate to prove that she can give a blowjob but to me the music has the feel of a thin veneer.

There is something very special about a really sexy song. The kind of song you play when the candles are lit setting the mood for a sensually rich time. I’m not talking romance, I’m talking sexy although the 2 are by no means mutually exclusive. I’ve come up with a few examples and my impression is that there are very few songs or pieces of music which get it (G) spot on. If you can add to my list I would love to hear your suggestions, I’ll bet there are a good few French songs which would fit the bill.
The song which came 1st to my mind is Leonard Cohen’s ‘I’m Your Man’. Most of his music is head music, the lyrics stand alone as poetry, the man is an artist of the highest order. ‘I’m Your Man’ does not fall short as a creative work, it is dead sexy too.

Who can forget John Cage invoking the mojo of Barry White in Ally McBeal. Barry is no Adonis but boy his music is so sexy

Remember that smoky bar scene in Dark City, and the lady in the long dress singing ‘Sway’ she oozed languid sex appeal far more than a girl on a wrecking ball with her kit off, or is that just fuddy duddy old me?

Ah and Nina Simone is so sexy singing ‘Sugar in my Bowl’. Sadly these days I doubt that she was conventionally pretty enough to make it in the music industry. Her music and her smile are so beautiful.

I think it is the humour in Perfect 10 which makes the song most sexy. I love Beautiful South, their tra la la la la music is a delicious contrast to what are often dark lyrics. Humour is so sexy and I love the fact that the singers are not plastic pretty.

‘Summer wine is the song which disproves my point about clothing and sexuality. Until prepping this post I had never seen the music video which does depict some subtle nudity. After watching it I think that the eyes are the most sexy body parts featured.

A while ago on Facebook I asked friends to add to my Sexy Song list, think that “Bad Things” was the best suggestion. Other suggestions were :
Marvin Gaye – Let’s get it on
The Commitments – Mustang Sally
The Doors – Light my Fire
The Kinks – Lola
John Ireland – I like

So what music makes you want to get down and dirty?

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  1. Feelin’ Love by Paula Cole always does it for me! The words aren’t all that clear until you really listen to the song and it’s direct, but the sound is sexy too.

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