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Sky Chores – Empowering students to earn their own money

A while back I came across the website for Sky Chores, a platform where students sell their services.   It is also a place where buyers can easily find something at a good price.   Looking through the website, I was very impressed with the services that the students offer, such as tutoring, typing, computer work and so much in between.  There are people offering taxi services, renting out appliances and selling anything including books, hip hop beats and handbags.  Others can give you a manicure or other beauty treatments.   What I saw gave me a good feeling.  I love it when people take initiatives to better their own lot and to help others to do the same.  That’s the stuff that personal growth is made of, it is also the type of entrepreneurial spirit which grows communities and ultimately nations.  As a mother of children who have been through student life, I know that they would have been delighted to have known about Sky Chores.  I contacted Ayanda Crane Sikhosana and asked him about Sky Chores, this is his response.

Question : How did the business start?

Ayanda :  Well I’ll have to explain this story for more understanding. I started studying at UJ (University of Johannesburg) last year. I enrolled to do mining engineering.

During the 1st 6 months I lived in a place near the Auckland Park campus. My neighbor was a young lady who was also doing her 1st year. One day she was plating another girl’s her so I decided to have a conversation with her. I asked her why is she offering this service, taking into account that it does affect the time she has for studying. She told me that she plats hair because her parents struggle to supply her daily needs such as food and more feminine needs. So she uses her skill to obtain money for her daily needs.
That’s when I started thinking that there are a lot more students all over the country who are in the same position. So I did a lot of thinking and I came up with an idea to create a platform for students to sell services. In that way I can help those students by advertising them online to people who’d be interested in their services. And a lower number of students will go to bed hungry.
Question :  How does Sky Chores operate?
Ayanda :  Basically the website has 2 features. 1) Selling a service, 2) posting what you want

Students who have services to sell will click on the “sell a service” on the homepage, register then fill in the required information about their service such as how much it costs, the description and the time it takes to complete the service.
Once the services are posted on the homepage buyers will look through the website and order the service of their interest. Firstly they will deposit the required amount to the Sky Chores bank account then the seller will be notified to render the service. Once the service is delivered and the buyer is happy about the service, then the seller will receive the amount due to him/her.
If a buyer doesn’t find a service he/she needs then he’ll post it by clicking on “post what you want” and sellers will bid to do the job.
Go have a look at the website, you will be impressed and of course this type of initiative really deserves support.   If you tell students who you know about it, they will be grateful I’m sure.  I also subscribed to their mailing list and have read a few interesting articles from them.  Particularly one on sleep and which hours of sleep are most important.

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