Slow cooking and new flooring our week ending 25 April 21

I’m not going to waffle much about this week, the pics sum up what we’ve been up to.

Made this sgraffito mug for Cliff
Acacia decorated this mug with under glaze
After living with a concrete floor for many months at last the parquet flooring is being laid. Cliff had quotes for this to be laid but was not prepared to fork out over 8K for someone to do the job. So as so often happens in this house Cliff decided that he would do the job himself. Here are 3 generations at work (and supervising) Grampa Dan is 91, and Fjord (age 13)has been working with them all day. When this is done the yucky old pink walls will go
This is most exciting thing for me this week. After unsubtle hinting for a month, Cliff bought me this Kenwood slow cooker. I never had any interest in owning a slow cooker and considered it an unnecessary gadget, but after using Domi and Duncan’s one I realised the many benefits of this cooking style, most notably that I can prepare meals in the morning when I have more time.
This pulled chicken was one of 3 recipes which I’ve made from the page Just Slow Cooker. Very impressed with her recipes. Last night I made her Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese soup and it was also fantastic.
These pulled chicken rolls were a real winner, this will become a regular in our home.

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