Summary of Trish Wood podcast with Dr Malone (Inventor of mRNA technology) and Dr Bridle

I have been urging some people to listen to this podcast and others but it’s not always easy to find the time to listen to 2.5 hours no matter how relevant and interesting. I play them in the background when I get on with other tasks. I have listened to this podcast twice, the 2nd time making notes for those who have not listened. This is a summary, I have tried to be absolutely true to the recording but may have somehow missed something important or made an error. In some parts I have paraphrased. First prize is to listen to the men themselves because their voices have a gravitas which I cannot impart completely. A big thank you to Trish Wood is Critical, podcast for bringing this to us.

Dr Bridle is a respected Canadian vaccinologist who raised some questions and received a backlash of deeply disturbing proportion, as a result his career is now in jeopardy. Dr Malone the inventor of mRNA technology bravely stepped forward to defend Dr Bridle from what he refers to as “gas-lighting.” It must be noted that since the interviews which Dr Malone has given, efforts are also being made to discredit him including drastic alterations to his credentials on Wikipedia and elsewhere. Fortunately proof of his credentials remains outside the internet on patents and other important and significant documents. History cannot be erased.

I will start with the letter written by Dr Malone in defense of Dr Bridle.

“June 19, 2021
From: Robert W. Malone, MD, MS
357 Hebron Valley Rd,
Madison, VA 22727
Whom it may Concern
I am writing this letter to support Dr. Bridle’s good character and his right to freely express his scientific
opinion, which is backed up by the literature and well informed deductive reasoning.
I am a US-based physician and scientist with an extensive record of successful innovation in basic and
applied science, pathology, molecular virology, immunology, vaccine development, biodefense, project
management, clinical development, regulatory affairs, and bioethics. I have been working in this area since
1984, and have been through multiple outbreaks – usually supporting either pharmaceutical clients or the US
Department of Defense. I have been granted “secret” clearance for the DoD. I played a key role in
advancing the PHAC rVSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine candidate and engaging Merck in development, which
resulted in the eventual licensure of this very important product of Canadian PHAC research.
I am also the original inventor of mRNA vaccines and DNA vaccines. This claim is substantiated by
academic publications as well a large suite of US and worldwide patents with a filing date of 1989.
I have independently assessed most of the data which serves as the basis for Dr. Bridle’s communications
regarding safety risks associated with the COVID-19 genetic vaccines, concur with his findings, and have
independently raised my concerns with the US FDA including speaking directly with CBER director Peter
I am particularly alarmed and surprised by the bioethical positions being taken by the government of Canada
regarding these experimental – stage vaccines, and very surprised. I have always considered the government
and people of Canada to be eminently reasonable, almost to a fault. These policies appear contrary to what I
have been trained as the bedrock principles of clinical research/human subjects bioethics.
And then there is the censorship of legitimate academic discourse, which brings us back to the specific case
of Dr. Bridle. In short, do his accusers have no shame? I am truly shocked. Again, this is contrary to
everything I had ever believed about the people and culture of Canada. I guess I will need to re-think my
assumptions about Canadian fundamental reasonableness – ey?
Furthermore, these attacks on him will make him a global martyr and amplify his message. Is that really
good public policy?”


During an interview Dr Bridle briefly mentioned that after looking at some information the mRNA vaccine may not remain in the injection site as expected to do. He also raised the matter of risk / benefit ratio analysis. He has never had social media accounts. Within 24 hours, what appeared to be a highly professional attack against him was launched. This included a fake website being set up in a cleverly convoluted way to lead to the impression that it was his website and a fake Twitter account was activated. The web site contained some accurate information about him but also false information which would associate him with extreme opinions in order to discredit him. He found out about this via his parents who were contacted regarding it. It seems that the first person to push the fake website was a person who sits on the Ontario Covid-19 advisory council. This person also shared confidential medical information about Dr Bridle’s parents on Twitter. Subsequent to all of this he has received 100s of e-mails from people who are claiming vax injuries including, heart inflammation, clotting, and neurological side effects, these people are asking for his help as they are being ignored.

Dr Malone who has worked for decades in his field and with governments, says that dose selection is not evidence based as there is no dose range study and shortcuts have been taken. He suspects that cardio effects have probably been under reported. The CDC shows that signals in pregnant women indicate that adverse events increase after the 2nd dose. He thinks that the dose is too high and is leaning toward a single dose. Dr Malone was sick with long Covid last year. He is very concerned that bio ethical boundaries are being crossed and says that risk / benefit analysis should be done based on different categories such as age, pregnant women, immune compromised and infants, this is not being done. He is alarmed by the lack of bio ethics in coercion tactics such as rewarding children with ice cream in order to be vaccinated. During the interview he repeats the fact that all of the available vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS. Normally volunteers are fully informed and followed for at least 2 years after participating in a trial. There are places such as VAERS where adverse vaccine events are recorded, the limitation of VAERS is under reporting. He says that claims that the Covid vaccines are safe is not being honest as the necessary time and data is not available to prove this. He feels very strongly about the censorship of patients and physicians.

As an editor for Frontiers medical journal Dr Malone reached out to Dr Pierre Kory, asking him to write a paper on the topic of re purposing drugs for the treatment of Covid. This submission went through rigorous peer review by 4 doctors including 2 members of the FDA. The article was rejected and as a result he and others resigned. He comments that suppression of treatment options may be due to the fact that vaccines could not have been given emergency authorization if effective treatment was available. He says that there is a mountain of evidence in favour of Ivermectin. If the paper had been published it may have made a big difference for instance as information for doctors to draw from and prescribe.

Dr Malone is a bio defense specialist, who works with governments regarding how to deal with bio threats, real or engineered. He had a company which dealt with re purposing drugs in response to the Zika virus. In the current pandemic he refers to decisions being made “in the fog of war”. The normal time of 10 years to safely develop a vax does not apply and no long term safety follow up. His recommendation is to Pause and look responsibly now that there are treatment options which take the pressure off. There should be specific focus on adverse events. He is not saying that there is a problem but there is sufficient reason to pursue investigation.

Dr Bridle is part of a reputable Canadian research group. Now because his character is being smeared he has been labeled as unfit to work as a scientist jeopardizing crucial funding on work being done. He has been working on important research regarding vaccines for cancer, research cannot be done without funding. If funding can’t be secured, research stops.

Dr Malone says that vaccine victims are not being heard and some are even suicidal. Dr Malone was guest on Bret Weinstein podcast Dark Horse. Bret, an evolutionary biologist was a professor and is a serious intellectual. He also interviewed Dr Pierre Kory. As a result of these interviews (which can be found on Bret has been censored by YouTube which impacts on his income and livelihood.

Bridle says that the vaccine is not staying in the shoulder and the spike protein seems to be circulating elsewhere in the body. Other tissues may start to manufacture spike proteins which then may lead to immune response, this could potentially lead to auto immune disease.

Trish Wood ends this part of the discussion with the quote that “Certainty is the last refuge of the fool”

Trish then went on to talk to another 2 doctors, Dr Jean Marc Benoit and Donald Welsh.

Dr Benoit has been in contact with a paramedic who is keeping a log of cases she has dealt with which are most likely linked to adverse vaccine reactions over the past 6 months. As an example day before this interview she shared with him about a 45 year old who had a few falls and then died.

Dr Don Welsh draws a parallel between governments response and exertion of power to the dark times in medical history of lobotomies.

Dr Bridle says that as an immunologist vaccines should be 1 part of the goal to immunise populations. Immunity from infection should be another part as those who have cleared Covid appeared to have developed robust and long term immunity. Several sources show pre-existing immunity where people who had immunity against other Corona viruses, even SARS 1 18 years ago. He said to look up Dr Steven Pelech who has published a valuable paper on immunity.

Dr Benoit is critical of the push to treat everyone as homogeneous to each other. The vax process could rather target those who are most susceptible. He and Bridle suggest that it would be advantageous to test for immunity prior to vax.

For adverse events reporting, VAERS is USA based, UK has yellow card system and Canada has a system. In Canada it is mandated by law to report adverse reactions. Many physicians are not submitting adverse reports, even when requested by their patients to do so. Don Welsh says that 100s have contacted him and no one is listening. Public health have to clear reports from physicians and in many cases these are not being entered in Canada’s reporting system. The Canadian Covid Careline is being flooded with people wanting to submit data. These systems are necessary to analyze data. Don says that by nature Scientists are curious and debate is important to arrive at conclusions. Debate is being blocked by censorship.

Benoit refers to a petition which has been set up to pause child vaccination until safety has been established.

Now is the time to pause and do proper research. Of a Twitter poll of about 700 giving different reasons for vax only 12% selected that they would choose vax for health reasons.

This is very much a summary. I did my best to convey the content as accurately as possible, but I may have made some small errors between taking down notes and then typing this out. Again I highly recommend listening to the actual podcast as this is a mere shadow of that substance.

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