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A head full of dreams

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams, mostly how creative we are when all the guards which patrol in our thoughts are sleeping.  My friend Karin was amazing at dream analysis, she would talk through a dream with me and arrive at interpretations which were real revelations.  She was very much against the school of thought which has fixed meanings, such …

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Lost thoughts

He had fire in his fingertips An Eagle on his arm A little boy chained in his eyes The above few lines found saved under notes on my phone.  What or who was I thinking of? Were those lines meant to be pondered later to form a poem? Like memories of a dream in the afternoon those thoughts are all …

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Lost in You

I wore your unwashed T shirt Wrapped in your feral scent Invoked you to claim my dreams Respite from parting’s lament In that dreamscape garden You held me once again Reality’s curtain torn Sweet joy, bittersweet pain At dawn I shed your garment Ready to be me The fetters of darkness loosed I answered the call to be free

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