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Poopsie is released – a bird in the bush is worth 2 in the hand

Three weeks ago today, Poopsie the Olive (Karoo) Thrush fell from his nest during a stormy week.  On the day that I found him I prayed that he would survive, the journey which he has taken us on has been beautiful.  You can read of the progress from his first day until now on my previous posts.  Each stage has …

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Poopsie the Olive (Karoo) Thrush – Week 2

The images above show Poopsie at roughly 1 week old on the top left date 13/11/13, a week later 20/11/13 (top right) and bottom at roughly 3 weeks old on 27/11/13 Poopsie has now been part of our lives for 2 weeks.  To read about his development from when we found him and his 1st week you can click on …

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