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Marriage and failed telepathy

My husband is a romantic.  This is not always as cute as it sounds.  He expects that as his soul mate I should read his mind.  Why should he waste time with trifling communication when I should simply know what he is thinking?  This sometimes leads to disappointment on his part.  For example the day that I have not packed …

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Marriage – Joint decisions are tough decisions

When I was single, if I wanted a hamster, bird or dog, I bought one, simple.  I fed the pets, took them to the vet and even dug the hole to bury them. This week I wanted a puppy, made enquiries and built up a fair level of excitement at the idea.  I assumed that Cliff would feel the same, …

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8th Wedding Anniversary – double my previous relationship records

Before marrying Cliff my previous 2 relationship records were 4 years, one was a bit of a nightmare and the other was good, just not the right guy.  My previous marriage lasted all of 1 year.  There were a host of other relationships which lasted either a few months or not much more than a year.  I forget now.  I’ve …

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