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Stepping stones – The path through relationships – Poem

My past is littered with failed relationships.  As a teen my grandmother told me that I was fickle, she was probably right.   I’m not going to try to analyse why I had such a very long string of boyfriends, fiancées, one night stands and one ex-husband.  I wrote this post on one aspect but was painfully aware that it only ... Read More »

Marriage and failed telepathy

My husband is a romantic.  This is not always as cute as it sounds.  He expects that as his soul mate I should read his mind.  Why should he waste time with trifling communication when I should simply know what he is thinking?  This sometimes leads to disappointment on his part.  For example the day that I have not packed ... Read More »

Love’s Duel

Can they re-discover love After standing back to back so long? After taking countless measured steps Loaded weapons drawn Shall pistols drop from weary hands Returning to  embrace? Or shall they simply turn and fire? On the umpteenth pace Read More »

Sexual activitity in age 15 and under, is it ok?

This week I attended a very stimulating workshop.  An exercise which explored values formed a part of our discussions.  I found the demographics of the group interesting.  22 Women took part, of these 50% were under the age of 30, 40% were between 30 and 50, 10% were 50+ years old.  1 was white and the rest were black.  50% ... Read More »

I found my husband on the www

There are very mixed feelings about internet dating sites but over 9 years ago I met Cliff through  In fact I also met my previous boyfriend Gavin on the same site and we were together for 4 years, he is a fantastic guy but wasn’t the one I was meant to spend my life with.  When you are single ... Read More »

Marriage – Joint decisions are tough decisions

When I was single, if I wanted a hamster, bird or dog, I bought one, simple.  I fed the pets, took them to the vet and even dug the hole to bury them. This week I wanted a puppy, made enquiries and built up a fair level of excitement at the idea.  I assumed that Cliff would feel the same, ... Read More »

A fresh Eye

Once on the school bus I glanced up at the drivers rear view mirror.  For a split second I observed the stranger in view as a detached outsider.  The perspective was shattered on realizing that I was looking at myself.  I tried to get back to where my mind was in that moment, but it was gone.  I would so ... Read More »

So it’s the eyelashes

I’ve just watched the video of Jeff Buckley singing ‘Hallelujah’ and figured out what it was that drew me to a string of men who could play guitar.  There’s the music of course, listen to that song as a perfect example, it stirs emotions.  I have arrived at the revelation that more than the music, the eyelashes were my undoing.  ... Read More »