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Flowers in the desert of humankind

Today I feel so conflicted about the post which I had intended writing, for now I will tell a different yet not entirely unrelated story.  Yesterday my dear friend Karin took me to visit Leoni,  a gracious lady in her 80’s.   Leoni is a mutual friend of ours, I met Leoni through her family and Karin met her at the ... Read More »

Where do you go to my Lovelies

Yesterday I watched my sea facing children on the shoreline of the beach.  For a long time they stood, occasionally throwing a handful of sand into the waves.  They drew in the sand but most they simply gazed over the water, their thoughts someplace I could not follow.  My point of mental focus further than the ships holding themselves above ... Read More »

Prejudice makes me ugly

This week I learned a life lesson and I was found wanting.  Overdue for a haircut I went to a new hairdresser, Chantal.  My first impression judged her (with great inaccuracy), within the first seconds of meeting her, I put her in a box labelled ‘slightly low class’ and ‘intellectually challenged’.  Yuck!  How awful of me!  My 3-year-old daughter Acacia ... Read More »

Art and messages in Pretoria Botanical Garden

The art in Pretoria Botanical Garden prompts thought.  The giant sculptured metal insects whisper questions,  feelers gently probing perceptions.  Greatness is not housed in size, value is not found in possessions.  The scales of natural balance so precarious.  What is my weight in life’s equations?  All around lives are spinning in their own orbits, I oblivious to the motives and ... Read More »

Katlehong vs my comfort zone

Last week I attended a writers workshop in Katlehong. Before departing suburbia I felt a little fearful. A week later I remain unable to pinpoint the root of my sense of apprehension. On hearing of my planned outing a few people advised along the lines of “Don’t go into the township alone”. Not going was not an option as I ... Read More »

Winter – The landscape of truth

Chocolate box scenes of verdant colour are embraced by all.  We enjoy a visual cacophony, the optical equivalent to a big band cranked to the max.  What about the soul searing notes of a lone bagpipe?  The simplicity of winter reveals the bare bones of life.  Dried stems clutch dormant seeds.  The seed may be greater than the bloom, potential ... Read More »

A head full of dreams

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams, mostly how creative we are when all the guards which patrol in our thoughts are sleeping.  My friend Karin was amazing at dream analysis, she would talk through a dream with me and arrive at interpretations which were real revelations.  She was very much against the school of thought which has fixed meanings, such ... Read More »

Racism brewed in an enamel mug

As I looked at the enamel cup bought for measuring out the bird food, I reflected on the previous most common use for enamel coated tin mugs.  They were for the use of domestic servants, who generally did not share the family crockery although they very often lived in an out-building on the property.   The simple mug suddenly encapsulated the ... Read More »

The appetizing Eyebrows

I asked friends to give me the 3 words for today’s Daily Prompt,  “Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write.”   I think that the dear friend who gave me the title “The appetizing eyebrows” went all ... Read More »

A fresh Eye

Once on the school bus I glanced up at the drivers rear view mirror.  For a split second I observed the stranger in view as a detached outsider.  The perspective was shattered on realizing that I was looking at myself.  I tried to get back to where my mind was in that moment, but it was gone.  I would so ... Read More »