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The world is wrong about …

Today’s prompt from the writer’s bootcamp is “The world is wrong about…”.  Whew where do we start? greed? pollution? over population? materialism? broken value systems? instant gratification? power ego Or enigmas like the fact that it’s ok for children to be addicted to violent computer games but Enid Blyton is politically incorrect. My husband Cliff is right, almost every problem ... Read More »

Marriage and failed telepathy

My husband is a romantic.  This is not always as cute as it sounds.  He expects that as his soul mate I should read his mind.  Why should he waste time with trifling communication when I should simply know what he is thinking?  This sometimes leads to disappointment on his part.  For example the day that I have not packed ... Read More »


Today writers bootcamp are being ambiguous, the prompt is ‘Pinings’.  I’m not sure if they are referring to the warm, sad, hollow feelings which echo in memories, such as the smell of lemonade on my grandparents copper bar counter, or the way the sunlight caught drops of water from the spray of our little motor boat on Lake Kariba.  Or ... Read More »

A love letter to my pet hate

I hate the response “You’re welcome” to the words “Thank you”, it really winds me up.  I have been told that I am a pedant on this subject but we all have our funny little ways. Dear Reluctant giver We clearly come from different backgrounds and I should expand my mind to embrace the deficiencies in your experience.  You see, ... Read More »

Writer’s Bootcamp, ‘I just couldn’t live without …’

Today I came across Writer’s bootcamp and wanted to play, was surprised that this was written in about 15 mins. I cannot live without music The very pulse of life The blood and the blade which cuts like a knife I cannot live without harmony The magic which it weaves The stuff of reality and the stuff of dreams I ... Read More »